Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart doll

I am a big fan of K-dramas. One of my favorites is a historical fiction series that takes place during the Goryeo Dynasty in Korea. It’s the story of a girl from the 21st century who found herself transported into that time and tries to cope with her new surroundings and get entangled with the court dramas. She meets a prince, the 4th prince Wang So, who is the subject chosen for my latest project. I wanted to make that doll for a very long time because I love the character, hair, and costume.

I picked his black costume from one of the most dramatic and memorable scenes in the series, which is all black. The doll is about 12 inches tall. I tried to give the face more shape this time around and I really like it!

Here is the original inspiration. I do want to make Hae Soo one of these days to complete the set. I just need to figure out which costume I want to make because there are so many beautiful ones!


Jack In the Box J-Hope Amigurumi Doll

The doll was inspired by J-Hope’s concept for his music video “More”. This has to be one of the favorite dolls I made so far. I love the theme behind it, it gave me the opportunity to work on something a bit darker than usual while keeping it cute.

I also made a custom doll stand for it with some wood and paint. Painting the checkers was the hardest part because I am not used to that medium. I also made the little box

I am still trying to find my signature style for dolls, so I always venture out trying different things when I create a pattern. But recently I have been more and more focused on finding my own style and the process of making this doll was part of it. I think that the next dolls I make will be based on this model even if I decide to improve on a few modifications.

Latest projects

I am a bit behind on my blog. I worked on so many projects since last month but I haven’t been able to post about them yet. Here is the first of the three dolls I made this month.

Namjooning doll: I wanted to make a Namjoon doll with props representing his favorite things. Books, art, and nature. It was an opportunity for me to create props and try different things. I made the books with cardstock and paper, an easel with ice cream sticks following this tutorial I found on Youtube, and crocheted the little plant. I really enjoyed creating an entire scenery around the doll, I think I would like to do that more.

As for the doll itself, I wanted to try something new as well so I crocheted the head separately and inserted it into the neck, this way it can move left and right. I also tried to give more volume to the cheeks to give his face more character. I think I will continue to do it that way because I really liked the outcome.

I also made the doll stand! I used pieces of wood I glued together, and a popsicle stick. It was quite easy to do, I think I will upload a tutorial in the near future.

“That That” Psy and Yoongi dolls

Last month I took on a challenging project to crochet two dolls inspired by two Korean artists and performers I admire a lot, Psy and Yoongi. I love their collab song as well as the “Western” theme of their music video. I knew I could not resist that challenge even if it was going to be difficult and tedious to recreate in crochet form.

So many details in the costumes

It took me one month to make both dolls. I had to redo a lot of things that didn’t work out along the way and at one point I even cursed myself for even starting this. It didn’t help that I spilled fabric paint on one of the jackets when I was almost done, but I managed to go through all those trials and finished it. The dolls are quite big, they are about 14 inches tall.

Psy and Yoongi That That dolls

I am very happy with the result, I learned new things and techniques along the way. I used fabric paint to make the prints on Yoongi’s shirt and glued little gems on Psy’s shirt to make it sparkle. I had never worked with gems before, so I looked up YouTube tutorials to learn how to do it. Let me say that it is easier said than done. The gems are very small and difficult to glue without spills. I initially intended to put some on his sleeves as well but I was so nervous to mess up the jacket that I decided to leave it to that.

Black Swan JK

Do Your Thang, Do Your Thang With Me Now… I love this song, Black Swan. I went to BTS concert last year and I will never forget that particular performance. I always wanted to crochet a BTS Black Swan doll, and last month I finally had time to do it but it was hard to pick out one out of all seven. I finally opted to crochet JK with his cropped vest because I had little all the accessories available in my craft box. The pattern I used for the body is the same I crocheted for my Love Cell Doll, and it is now available on ETSY.

I only had to use two different colors of yarn because the outfit is all black, with black hair. I used wool yarn for the hair that I brushed with a pet brush. I used embroidery thread to make the mouth, which was also another inspiration to make the doll because JK had a lip ring that was fun to recreate.

I had so much fun making it, and a lot of people told me that they loved it so I decided to film a series of tutorials to show how I made the clothes and hair. I uploaded the first video two days ago. There will be a total of five videos for each piece. The last one will be about the hair. Here is the introductory video:

I also uploaded the first tutorial of the series, about the pants:

The next one will be a tutorial to make the shoes. I will upload it next week 🙂

Pokemon Eevee

A long time ago I crocheted a Pikachu for my nephew and at the time I wanted to make more Pokemon characters but I never got around to it. My favorite one is Eevee and its evolution series, they are so much fun and unique. So last week I finally put it to task and crocheted one for myself! I am really happy with the result so I wanted to share a picture with you.

I used yarn and a pet brush for the collar. I was going to make him stand on its 4 paws but changed my mind at the last minute and crocheted him in a sitting position instead.

I think it turned out really cute. Now I want to crochet Leafeon, but this time standing up. It is going to be a little more challenging but that’s the fun part of it!

Moni – American Eskimo amigurumi

I have been making a lot of human dolls for the past three years but lately, I wanted to extend my experience with crocheted animals. I wanted to challenge myself with realistic-looking animal shapes so I picked Moni (Namjoon’s dog) to try it out. I had made a Bam last year (JK’s dog), so I was ready to add another one to my collection.

The real Moni

I used acrylic yarn mixed with 10% Alpaca. It made it easier to brush it out with the pet brush. It took a lot of brushing!

I am really happy with the result. This was a different project than what I usually do, but I learned a lot while doing it. I think I would like to try Yeontan next time!

Crocheted version of Moni

Tangerine Yoongi

Last month I had fun making a tiny little BTS doll inspired by Yoongi and tangerines! I made several dolls inspired by Yoongi in the past but I can never escape the mint hair! I always end up picking that color because it’s my favorite.

I really wanted to make the hoodie of the head look like the fruit so I made it a bit bigger and added stuffing between the hat and the head. I think it turned out really cute! The doll is about 5 inches tall. I really enjoyed making it!

Yumi’s Cells – Love Cell doll

I am a big fan of K-dramas. I watch a lot of them, I love the stories and the fact that most of them only last one season. Last year I watched Yumi’s Cells, a half live-action/half animated series about a village of cells that lives in a girl’s brain and runs her life. It’s a very cute and witty romantic comedy and my favorite of that year. I fell in love with the animated characters and wanted to crochet one of them since then. I had a lot to choose from, from the “hunger cell” to the not-so-smart “detective cell”, I loved them all. I settled on the “love cell” because it is the main character in the story and the outfit is really cute.

Some of the many “cells” in the story

I wanted to crochet this doll since last year, but I got busy with so many projects that I didn’t find the time to work on it until now. I used half cotton/half acrylic (my fav kind), and a 2.75mm hook to make the “love cell”. It took me about a week to complete it and I think she turned out really cute!

Now I am really tempted to make more dolls from the series, but there are so many that I might end up with a colony! Maybe later, I still have a long list of things to do!

Flower Crown Yoongi

I have been very busy so it has been a while since my last post. I have been working on many things, but one project I particularly enjoyed is a doll I crocheted for a gift exchange with a friend who specializes in BTS fan art embroidery. I contacted her with the idea because I wanted her to make me a Hobi “Boy Meets Evil” era. She agreed and asked me for a Yoongi doll with a flower crown in exchange. So I spent some time working on that until now.

This is the original picture that she showed me, it’s from one of his photoshoots:

This is the doll I crocheted inspired by this look. It’s 14 inches tall, and I used half acrylic/half cotton yarn for the body and clothes.

The hair is made of wool yarn that I brushed with a pet brush. Wool is more expensive than acrylic but I find it easier to brush the fibers. The flower crown is made with wire and a crocheted band. I glued the flowers and leaves all around it.

I had to make a lot of flowers to cover the crown. It took me several days to complete everything but I think it turned out really cute. This was my first time doing this type of floral arrangement. The white and purple flowers were made using this YouTube tutorial (links at the end).

I think I will make a tutorial for the crown for anybody who is interested. I really enjoyed doing this doll, I cannot wait to give it to my friend!

The leaf cord lace tutorial is by Crochet With Samra on Youtube.

The white and purple flower tutorial is by Luluslittleshop on Youtube.