Astronaut Crochet Pattern

Last month I crocheted an astronaut inspired by the song “The Astronaut” by Jin of BTS. It turned out so cute I decided to share the pattern in case anybody would be interested to make their own. I ended up making two dolls, one for myself and another to write the pattern.

I made a stand for the first doll and customized the backpack with the BTS logo and print transfers of RJ and Wootteo. I also wrote lyrics from the first verse of the song on the back of the stand.

The pattern is available on ETSY. The doll is about 9 inches tall and crocheted with a 4/medium yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft) and a 2.75mm hook. It is very easy to make, I put a lot of photos to add to the instructions. The pattern does not include the stand but I am going to make a YouTube tutorial for it very soon

Astronaut Pattern – ETSY

If you have any questions about this pattern don’t hesitate to ask me! I wish you all a happy new year with lots of smiles and laughter and lots of yarn and happy craft projects!


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart doll

I am a big fan of K-dramas. One of my favorites is a historical fiction series that takes place during the Goryeo Dynasty in Korea. It’s the story of a girl from the 21st century who found herself transported into that time and tries to cope with her new surroundings and get entangled with the court dramas. She meets a prince, the 4th prince Wang So, who is the subject chosen for my latest project. I wanted to make that doll for a very long time because I love the character, hair, and costume.

I picked his black costume from one of the most dramatic and memorable scenes in the series, which is all black. The doll is about 12 inches tall. I tried to give the face more shape this time around and I really like it!

Here is the original inspiration. I do want to make Hae Soo one of these days to complete the set. I just need to figure out which costume I want to make because there are so many beautiful ones!

“That That” Psy and Yoongi dolls

Last month I took on a challenging project to crochet two dolls inspired by two Korean artists and performers I admire a lot, Psy and Yoongi. I love their collab song as well as the “Western” theme of their music video. I knew I could not resist that challenge even if it was going to be difficult and tedious to recreate in crochet form.

So many details in the costumes

It took me one month to make both dolls. I had to redo a lot of things that didn’t work out along the way and at one point I even cursed myself for even starting this. It didn’t help that I spilled fabric paint on one of the jackets when I was almost done, but I managed to go through all those trials and finished it. The dolls are quite big, they are about 14 inches tall.

Psy and Yoongi That That dolls

I am very happy with the result, I learned new things and techniques along the way. I used fabric paint to make the prints on Yoongi’s shirt and glued little gems on Psy’s shirt to make it sparkle. I had never worked with gems before, so I looked up YouTube tutorials to learn how to do it. Let me say that it is easier said than done. The gems are very small and difficult to glue without spills. I initially intended to put some on his sleeves as well but I was so nervous to mess up the jacket that I decided to leave it to that.

Pokemon Eevee

A long time ago I crocheted a Pikachu for my nephew and at the time I wanted to make more Pokemon characters but I never got around to it. My favorite one is Eevee and its evolution series, they are so much fun and unique. So last week I finally put it to task and crocheted one for myself! I am really happy with the result so I wanted to share a picture with you.

I used yarn and a pet brush for the collar. I was going to make him stand on its 4 paws but changed my mind at the last minute and crocheted him in a sitting position instead.

I think it turned out really cute. Now I want to crochet Leafeon, but this time standing up. It is going to be a little more challenging but that’s the fun part of it!

Finishing the year with a TaeTae doll

This is “Nom Nom TaeTae”, a fan art project I made to finish the year with a smile. It’s the first time I try to crochet a doll in a sitting position that doesn’t require sewing. I seamlessly did the rounds on the legs and body by increasing at the front and decreasing in the back. I added wires inside the body to help keep it bent as well.

The cupcake was the easiest part, I improvised completely but I really would like to remake one to write the pattern. This project only took me 4 days, including the doll. I think I want to practice more on poses this year, I have a lot of projects coming up so I might take that opportunity to improve my techniques as well.

I also want to take that opportunity to wish you all a happy new year, and that 2022 will bring you good health and happiness!

Serendipity Jimin

Serendipity is one of my favorite songs by Jimin of BTS. I love the music video and I always wanted to crochet a doll version with a yellow blanket. I recently have been trying new techniques on my dolls, and this time I wanted to play around with the eyes. I thought this doll would be a great opportunity to try something new.

I found an eye template that I liked online and printed it on transfer paper. I ironed the eyes on white fabric and cut them out, then glued them on the head. I really liked the result, especially on the first try. I think next time I want to add some colors to give it more dimension, but I think it turned out really cute 🙂

Squid Game

I have been a big fan of Kdramas for years so it was interesting to see a Korean series get so much recognition worldwide. The minute I saw the characters I knew I would end up making a doll of one of them, so I spend my free time crocheting a red guard this past week.

I picked the lower rank of them all because it looks less threatening! I think my version is completely harmless, it turned out really cute! I really would like to crochet #67 next, she was my favorite character. Which player was your favorite?

Cooky tutorial on YouTube

I finally uploaded my Cooky crochet tutorial on YouTube. I made two versions, regular Cooky and Halloween Cooky. The patterns for both is almost the same except some minor modification for the Halloween version. It is quite easy to make, I always try to keep it simple. Here is the Regular version:

and the Halloween version. The only difference are the colors, the hoodie and the mouth! The size of both dolls is about 6 inches tall. I used caron Simply Soft and a 2.75mm hook to make them. Here is the Halloween version of the tutorial:

I really have fun working on these tutorials. They are like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide. Here is a pic of the pair together:

I hope you will enjoy these tutorials. Happy crocheting!

New patterns on ETSY

I uploaded two new patterns on ETSY, an octopus and a bonsai! The octopus is about 14 inches in diameter (with bent tentacles). I used a 4/medium size yarn and a 2/75mm hook. I recommend using the same brand for all the pieces to get the same gauge. I made it purple but you can choose any colors you want!


I wanted to make a bonsai for a long time, especially after making my Namu doll last year. I got the inspiration from a little plum tree that I replicated in yarn form. The finished size of the bonsai is about 7.5 inches tall, crocheted with a 2.75mm and 1.80mm hook. You will need plastic pellets or beads to put weight in the pot and 2 size wires. All the materials are listed in the pattern.


I have more projects coming up for my ETSY shop, I will keep you updated! In the meantime, happy crocheting!

Hobi Emoji Costume Tutorial

I uploaded a new tutorial on Youtube as part of my BTS in animal costumes series. This one is Hobi in a squirrel costume, which is his official emoji. I changed the facial expressions for this doll to make it look happy. Also, I really wanted to do a heart shaped mouth for this particular doll so I use red felt for that.

I hope you will enjoy this tutorial, I have one member left to upload for this series. It will be coming soon!