Moni – American Eskimo amigurumi

I have been making a lot of human dolls for the past three years but lately, I wanted to extend my experience with crocheted animals. I wanted to challenge myself with realistic-looking animal shapes so I picked Moni (Namjoon’s dog) to try it out. I had made a Bam last year (JK’s dog), so I was ready to add another one to my collection.

The real Moni

I used acrylic yarn mixed with 10% Alpaca. It made it easier to brush it out with the pet brush. It took a lot of brushing!

I am really happy with the result. This was a different project than what I usually do, but I learned a lot while doing it. I think I would like to try Yeontan next time!

Crocheted version of Moni

Finishing the year with a TaeTae doll

This is “Nom Nom TaeTae”, a fan art project I made to finish the year with a smile. It’s the first time I try to crochet a doll in a sitting position that doesn’t require sewing. I seamlessly did the rounds on the legs and body by increasing at the front and decreasing in the back. I added wires inside the body to help keep it bent as well.

The cupcake was the easiest part, I improvised completely but I really would like to remake one to write the pattern. This project only took me 4 days, including the doll. I think I want to practice more on poses this year, I have a lot of projects coming up so I might take that opportunity to improve my techniques as well.

I also want to take that opportunity to wish you all a happy new year, and that 2022 will bring you good health and happiness!

Bulletproof Bangtan Santa

Sometimes ideas cross my mind and I can’t get them out of my head until I try them out. I was thinking about things to crochet during the holiday season. I made all kinds of ornaments in the past, Santas, reindeers, but I was looking for something out of the box. That’s how Bulletproof Bangtan Santa came to life, one with a black bulletproof outfit reminiscent of BTS’s debut era.

I used a mix of acrylic and Apalca yarn to make the beard. It made it easier to brush and took less time to finish than regular acrylic. His little vest is a print transfer I printed on fabric and glued on his shirt. I think he turned out really cute!

Now, if he only could grant me all my wishes, I have a huge list! LOL.

Little Purple Clown

I almost forgot to post bout the little purple clown I made two weeks ago. I wanted to try something new and this project gave me that opportunity to try new techniques. I made clown shoes and the shape of the body is shorter than what I usually do (legs are shorter). I really like the result, I think it turned out really cute.

This project was inspired by an inside joke about being clowns (thing is, if you are going to be a clown you might as well be a cute one). I used a pom pom to make the nose and felt for the eyes and face paint.

I tried a new technique to do the shoes, and I really like it. The top and the bottom were crocheted separately and sewed together (I will make a tutorial on my YouTube Channel). I put it on my shelf, with all my collection of dolls I created just for the fun of it! I am gonna need a special room to display all of them if I keep this up! lol

Little chibis in animal costumes

I started the year by creating little chibis in animal costumes. So far I have made a tiger and a chick. I think I would like to turn these into patterns for ETSY in case anybody will be interested to make them. I think they turned out really cute. Let me introduce you to two of them.

This is my little chibi in a chick costume. (inspired by Jimin and his chick emoji). I think he looks very endearing, doesn’t he?

This is my little chibi in a tiger costume (inspired by V and his tiger emoji). I embroidered the stripes with yarn but I think next time I will use felt instead.

Here they are together because they are best friends and they enjoy each other company!

Finally, a snapshot of my little tiger chibi with his other friend, the Purple You plant that is always by his side.

I would like to make more of them, there is a bunny, squirrel, koala, cat, and hamster. I will update this blog when I have more to join the gang. In the meantime, I will work on patterns!

A year in review

Today is the last day of the year. I cannot believe a decade has passed and that we starting a new era. This year has been very good to me, I have been very blessed. I am leaving 2019 behind but with a smile and wonderful memories.

I did not realize how much work I have done in 2019 until I started a collage of all the dolls I crocheted throughout the year. I have grown a lot through practice and perseverance and I am looking forward to more project in the year to come. I made a montage of all my 2019 projects to give me a perspective of the amount of work I have done and I have concluded that I am definitely obsessed with crochet LOL.

The first montage includes a lot of the dolls I made from my drawings. I am not an artist but drawing helped me visualize what I wanted to do before-hand. I really enjoyed the process, and my goal in 2020 is to improve my drawing skills. I really like the Chibi genre, so I think I will continue to make this kind of doll amongst other things.

The second montage includes the BTS/BT21 fan art projects I crocheted either for my own collection or giveaways on Twitter. One thing you don’t know about me is that I am a big fan of Korean culture and entertainment, from the music to films and K-dramas. BTS is my fav band and I go absolutely gaga for the BT21 characters associated with them. I made a Koya, Chimmy and Shooky, all giveaway gifts through Twitter.

I am looking forward to what 2020 will bring. I have tons of ideas brewing in my head and I cannot wait to get back to crochet after this Holidays break. In the meantime I want to wish you all a Happy New Year, good health and happiness! 🙂

Dias de La Muertos – Day of the Dead doll

This is my second Halloween project this month. I just finished a Day of the Dead doll, something that I wanted to do for a long time! I love the makeup and colors that involves these costumes and I thought it would be fun to recreate one with my yarn.

I kept the dress very simple, I wanted the focus to be mostly on her face so I didn’t add to much design on her outfit. I had a hard time deciding what kind of makeup I wanted her to have, there were so many options! You can really get creative with this theme.

Her hair is crocheted as well, it was easier to manage than working with long strands of yarn. I think she turned out really cute!

I took a picture from a lower level to get a better view of her legs that have black and white stripes. It’s such a Halloween feature! It took me a little while to finish this project because I started it at the same time as my Halloween Chimmy. I was actually working on three projects simultaneously, I still have one more to go.

My next project is going to be a little more challenging, I am going to try to make a more realistic looking doll inspired by a real life character (fan art). I will talk about it more in my next entry.

I hope you are enjoying this Halloween month with your own DIY and crafts, just don’t eat too many candies on the 31st!! LOL

Chim Chim with Bunny Hat

I just finished another doll to add to my Chibi collection. My Sunflower Hobi Doll looked really lonely so I made a Jimin to keep it company. It was inspired by the Bunny Ears outfit that BTS Jimin was wearing at the airport. I thought it would be a cool challenge since the outfit has a lot of layers such as a shirt, a hoodie and a bomber jacket on top of it.

It took me two weeks to crochet the doll. I really had a lot of fun making the clothes, especially the jacket. You can’t really see on the pictures but he’s actually wearing a shirt and a hoodie underneath it.

I think he turned out really cute, I love his bunny hat on top of his cap. I had to embroider the words “hello on” but I am not an expert in embroidery. I did the best I can, I need more practice.

Look at him, he looks so happy keeping Hobi company! I am going to need a new shelf to display them in my room (high enough so the cat doesn’t get to them).

Now that I finished my little Jimin doll, I am ready to start my next project, so I have to go back to the drawing board. I am going to make a Chibi version of Medusa, I am very excited about it!


I just added another doll to my Chibi collection. He’s a little devil that will do no harm to anyone, he was just born that way. I started with a drawing that I turned into life with my yarn, just like my previous Chibi dolls. I think it turned out really cute with his little smirk!

He doesn’t have a name yet, a friend of mine wanted me to call him B (for Belzebuth) but I don’t think it fits him well because he’s just an angel hiding in a devil costume.

The wings, eyes and tip of the tail are made with felt. I had a lot of fun making this doll, it was really straighforward since I didn’t have to crochet layers of clothes on him.

Now that I have a little devil I am thinking about making an angel. I think they would make a good pair together.

I am already in the middle of my next project, I just can never stop! I will be back soon with another post. In the mean time, happy crocheting!

Chibi Sunflower Hobi

I just finished a chibi doll that was inspired by a real life character, J-Hope… Yep! This is the third time I crochet something inspired by BTS, so you must have guessed by now that I am a fan. I had previously made a Chimmy BT21, a Sugar Glider, but I couldn’t complete my collection without making a doll wearing a sunflower headpiece just like the one J-Hope was wearing at the airport recently. It screamed “Crocheted Chibi Doll” and I couldn’t resist. (two other members,Yoongi and Jin, were also wearing the sunflower headpiece but I picked J-Hope because his outfit was the most distinctive).

Even though I based this fan project on a real person, I did a rough drawing of the character as a guide for my crochet. I don’t think it’s worth showing it to you because it’s not that great lol. I tried to replicate the same outfit he was wearing with the green bag and beanie but without all the details.

I only took me one week to make it because I had a lot of free time. The hardest part was getting the hat, mask and ears together. The mask is a piece of felt that I folded two times to make it look more like a real one. Not sure he can breathe behind it because I glued it to the face, good thing it’s just a doll lol.

I tried to crochet the sunflower but I didn’t like the result. I ended up using felt that I wrapped and glued around a piece of electric wire. I hate glue, I really do, but I had no other option to get the headpiece together. I liked how it turned out!

I love my Chibi Sunflower Hobi, I think it turned out really cute. There is another one I would like to make but I will do that at a later time. For now I am gonna go “Hangsang with my dawg”… See you next time!