Jimin Set Me Free Doll, fan art contest

I am a bit behind on my blog because I have been busy with so many projects for the past month. So I will try to post about everything I have done in the following weeks.

I took part in a fan art contest last month, it was a very sudden and last-minute decision so I only had a few days to complete it. The competition was to create a fan art piece based on the release of Jimin’s album (one of the members of BTS). I wanted to take part in it but since I couldn’t come up with any creative ideas I almost gave up until I saw the music video which was released three days before the deadline of the contest.

Luckily, I had a body/base in my storage box that I had crocheted to test one of the patterns I sell on ETSY, which saved me some time since I only had three days to complete it.

I used my Cricut Joy machine to cut the words of the poems tattooed on its chest. I was worried it wouldn’t work because the letters are so small but I was able to figure it out. The hardest part was to iron the vinyl under the head, so it took several trials to make it stick. I was really happy it worked out because the tattoo is the main focus of the doll.

I didn’t win the fan art contest, but I am still happy that I was able to participate because I really love this doll. If you are interested, the pattern for the body/base can be found on my ETSY.


Crochet Keychain Tutorials

I have two new tutorials on youtube to crochet very cute keychains: cat, strawberry, and tangerine keychains. I am currently making a bunch to give away as freebies at a concert I am going to and decided to share my pattern in case anybody would be interested to make their own.

They are very easy and take no time to make. I used Caron Simply Soft and a 2.75mm hook but you can pick any type of yarn or crochet size.

I hope you will enjoy these tutorials and if you like them or have any questions please let me know in the comments! Happy crocheting!

New YouTube Tutorial

I just uploaded a new tutorial on my YouTube Channel! it’s a cute Purple heart plant inspired by Valentine’s day. The plant is about 8 inches tall, but the final size will depend on your yarn and crochet hook. I used a 4/medium acrylic yarn (Caron Simply Soft) and a 2.75mm hook. You will need some metallic wire for this project to wrap the leaves and stem. It’s quite easy to make, it only took me one day to crochet. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial, happy crocheting!

Flower Bouquet

Like a flower… Flower work (Wild Flower by RM). I made this bouquet of flowers inspired by this song and the album Indigo. I had crocheted flowers before but not so intricate, so to learn the techniques I went through diverse tutorials I found on YouTube.

I crocheted three zinnias in 3 shades of blue. Even though the tutorial did not ask for wires I added some along the edge of the petals to make them more sturdy. The pattern is by Gonkui crochet on YouTube. She specializes in crocheting plants and flowers and has amazing tutorials to learn the techniques: GONKUI CROCHET. The lavender is a pattern by MAGDELINA MITHZ and the jasmine flowers are from NATAGOR FINLAYSON. They both also have a wide selection of flower tutorials.

I had a specific idea of what kind of vase I wanted so I bought a glass jar at the store and painted it in blue tones and added white for a little bit more texture. I used glass paint and finished with a glaze coat to seal it. This was my first experience with paint but I am really with the result!

I really enjoyed this project! I learned a lot of new techniques and I can’t wait to try more flowers. I forgot to mention that I used “I love this cotton” which is a 4/medium cotton yarn. I crocheted with a 2.75mm hook which is bigger than the size recommended in the tutorial but that’s what I am most comfortable with. I have a hard time crocheting 4 ply yarn with smaller hooks.

Astronaut Crochet Pattern

Last month I crocheted an astronaut inspired by the song “The Astronaut” by Jin of BTS. It turned out so cute I decided to share the pattern in case anybody would be interested to make their own. I ended up making two dolls, one for myself and another to write the pattern.

I made a stand for the first doll and customized the backpack with the BTS logo and print transfers of RJ and Wootteo. I also wrote lyrics from the first verse of the song on the back of the stand.

The pattern is available on ETSY. The doll is about 9 inches tall and crocheted with a 4/medium yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft) and a 2.75mm hook. It is very easy to make, I put a lot of photos to add to the instructions. The pattern does not include the stand but I am going to make a YouTube tutorial for it very soon

Astronaut Pattern – ETSY

If you have any questions about this pattern don’t hesitate to ask me! I wish you all a happy new year with lots of smiles and laughter and lots of yarn and happy craft projects!

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart doll

I am a big fan of K-dramas. One of my favorites is a historical fiction series that takes place during the Goryeo Dynasty in Korea. It’s the story of a girl from the 21st century who found herself transported into that time and tries to cope with her new surroundings and get entangled with the court dramas. She meets a prince, the 4th prince Wang So, who is the subject chosen for my latest project. I wanted to make that doll for a very long time because I love the character, hair, and costume.

I picked his black costume from one of the most dramatic and memorable scenes in the series, which is all black. The doll is about 12 inches tall. I tried to give the face more shape this time around and I really like it!

Here is the original inspiration. I do want to make Hae Soo one of these days to complete the set. I just need to figure out which costume I want to make because there are so many beautiful ones!

Wootteo Tutorial

I have a new tutorial on YouTube to make this adorable character from The Astronaut, a song by Jin of BTS. I fell in love with Wootteo the second I saw it and couldn’t resist crocheting my own. I ended up with two versions of the doll, one crocheted with light yarn and the other one with medium-sized yarn. I also made modifications to the head (the first version is crocheted vertically, and the other, horizontally). The tutorial I uploaded on YouTube is for the second version, which I liked the best.

The doll is about 8 inches tall, crocheted with a 2.75mm hook. The instructions are quite easy (single crochet, increase and decrease). I used felt for the face and used a printing of the original doll to cut it. It’s a great project for beginners who understand the basics. it’s a really fun and easy project.

My Wootteo has joined my Jin doll and they now keep each other company! They both wear pigtails inspired by the Squid Game doll so they match perfectly!

I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments. Happy crocheting!

Shooky Halloween Version

I uploaded a tutorial to make a Halloween version of Shooky. The base (body, arms, and legs) are the same as the original Shooky Tutorial, I just added wings and horns and changed the colors. I think it’s a really cute Halloween edition and I hope you will have fun making it!

Happy crocheting!

Jack In The Box Key Chain

I posted a new tutorial on Youtube, inspired by the Jack in the Box doll concept of J-Hope’s album. It’s an easy and fun project to crochet, you only need to know basic stitches such as single crochet, increase and decrease. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial, and if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

Happy crocheting!

Jack In the Box J-Hope Amigurumi Doll

The doll was inspired by J-Hope’s concept for his music video “More”. This has to be one of the favorite dolls I made so far. I love the theme behind it, it gave me the opportunity to work on something a bit darker than usual while keeping it cute.

I also made a custom doll stand for it with some wood and paint. Painting the checkers was the hardest part because I am not used to that medium. I also made the little box

I am still trying to find my signature style for dolls, so I always venture out trying different things when I create a pattern. But recently I have been more and more focused on finding my own style and the process of making this doll was part of it. I think that the next dolls I make will be based on this model even if I decide to improve on a few modifications.