Latest projects

I am a bit behind on my blog. I worked on so many projects since last month but I haven’t been able to post about them yet. Here is the first of the three dolls I made this month.

Namjooning doll: I wanted to make a Namjoon doll with props representing his favorite things. Books, art, and nature. It was an opportunity for me to create props and try different things. I made the books with cardstock and paper, an easel with ice cream sticks following this tutorial I found on Youtube, and crocheted the little plant. I really enjoyed creating an entire scenery around the doll, I think I would like to do that more.

As for the doll itself, I wanted to try something new as well so I crocheted the head separately and inserted it into the neck, this way it can move left and right. I also tried to give more volume to the cheeks to give his face more character. I think I will continue to do it that way because I really liked the outcome.

I also made the doll stand! I used pieces of wood I glued together, and a popsicle stick. It was quite easy to do, I think I will upload a tutorial in the near future.


Winter Package Joon Amigurumi

Recently I decided that it was time to challenge myself and take on a project that would require me to learn new techniques and improve my skills. I turned to some source of inspiration and decided to make a doll based on one of the BTS Winter Package photoshoot from last year. I really liked the mood of RM photos, dressed in a suit and holding an umbrella on a rainy day. For this project I wanted to focus on the hair and put a little more details in the eyes.

I usually create my own patterns for dolls but this time I purchased one on ETSY to use as a base for my doll (see link to pattern at the end of the post). I used cotton yarn for all the pieces except for the hair. I really had a hard time figuring out the right colors for the clothes but I settled for what I thought looked best for the doll.

The hair was the hardest part and took a lot of patience. I brushed and brushed and brushed layers of yellow acrylic yarn and it took me two days to finish the wig. It took time but the result was really worth it!

This is also my first time making an umbrella, and I really liked how it turned out. I think it’s the centerpiece of the doll, it gives it a story. I made a Tik Tok video to showcase this doll with Forever Rain piano cover playing in the background to set the mood:

Pattern I used for the base of this doll: Hannah doll pattern by CrystalVioletEG on ETSY

Baepsae Joon

I finished my third doll from my Bangtan collection. This time I made a Namjoon based on his Baepsae/dance practice outfit. It’s a very cute attire with overalls, baseballcaps and glasses. It only took me 4 days to make it because I am stuck at home with nothing else to do.

It started with all these balls of yarn I had in my closet. I really love the blend of pink, blue and grey, colors are a big inspiration when I start on a project. I used a thinner strand of yarn for the shirt, I didn’t want it to look bulky.

I started with his shoes. I love crocheting doll shoes, it’s the most adorable part of a doll. I like to make them big for that reason.

From there I worked my way up. I like to make the clothes as I go along because I find it easier to crochet around the body. I started making the pants as soon as I finished the lower body of the doll.

I also used electric wires inside to keep the body steady. Once I finished the upperbody I worked on the shirt and overalls. the head and the cap came last.

I have never made glasses before, and I had no idea how I would make them. I used electric wire to build the frame and wrapped it with black yarn. It was quite a long process but it turned out really cute, I am very happy with the result.

I made a little bonsai to keep him company, they are now best friends! I had a of fun crocheting this little Joonie doll, I love his big glasses and pink cap. This is my third doll in my BTS collection, I already have ideas for my next one.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I am working on a tutorial for my youtube channel next. I will upload the video very soon. Happy crocheting!

Namjooning with Koya

I meant to blog about this last week but life happened. I worked on another fan art project for a giveaway, this time it is Koya. He is another character from the BT21 series, a blue koala that loses his ear when he get startled or awaken abruptly from his sleep. (if you haven’t seen any of the BT21 cute animations I recommend to watch them on Youtube)

I really had fun crocheting it, but once I was done I felt like he looked a little bare and that he needed some kind of accessory . That’s when I came up with the idea to make him a book for him to carry around, the “Guide to Namjooning”.

I thought it would be such a cute idea to gave him a book based on his dad’s journey into “Namjooning”. I bought a book charm at the craft store and ripped off the original cover and replaced it with my own. I think it look so cute!

The problem is that he couldn’t glue the book under his arms so I had to find another way for him to carry his little Guide to Namjooning. The best thing to do was to make him a bag! I put it together using felt, and some glue. Since it had enough space for more, I added a little flower branch that he picked up during one of this namjooning trip.

He is ready to go on adventures to visit museums, take a walk through parks, observe crabs on the beach etc.. That’s what Namjooning is all about! I love my little Koya, but he is not staying with me. The new owner is the winner of the giveaway, so I have to send him away but I know he will love his new home. Have a safe trip, little Koya!