Latest projects

I am a bit behind on my blog. I worked on so many projects since last month but I haven’t been able to post about them yet. Here is the first of the three dolls I made this month.

Namjooning doll: I wanted to make a Namjoon doll with props representing his favorite things. Books, art, and nature. It was an opportunity for me to create props and try different things. I made the books with cardstock and paper, an easel with ice cream sticks following this tutorial I found on Youtube, and crocheted the little plant. I really enjoyed creating an entire scenery around the doll, I think I would like to do that more.

As for the doll itself, I wanted to try something new as well so I crocheted the head separately and inserted it into the neck, this way it can move left and right. I also tried to give more volume to the cheeks to give his face more character. I think I will continue to do it that way because I really liked the outcome.

I also made the doll stand! I used pieces of wood I glued together, and a popsicle stick. It was quite easy to do, I think I will upload a tutorial in the near future.


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