“That That” Psy and Yoongi dolls

Last month I took on a challenging project to crochet two dolls inspired by two Korean artists and performers I admire a lot, Psy and Yoongi. I love their collab song as well as the “Western” theme of their music video. I knew I could not resist that challenge even if it was going to be difficult and tedious to recreate in crochet form.

So many details in the costumes

It took me one month to make both dolls. I had to redo a lot of things that didn’t work out along the way and at one point I even cursed myself for even starting this. It didn’t help that I spilled fabric paint on one of the jackets when I was almost done, but I managed to go through all those trials and finished it. The dolls are quite big, they are about 14 inches tall.

Psy and Yoongi That That dolls

I am very happy with the result, I learned new things and techniques along the way. I used fabric paint to make the prints on Yoongi’s shirt and glued little gems on Psy’s shirt to make it sparkle. I had never worked with gems before, so I looked up YouTube tutorials to learn how to do it. Let me say that it is easier said than done. The gems are very small and difficult to glue without spills. I initially intended to put some on his sleeves as well but I was so nervous to mess up the jacket that I decided to leave it to that.


Flower Crown Yoongi

I have been very busy so it has been a while since my last post. I have been working on many things, but one project I particularly enjoyed is a doll I crocheted for a gift exchange with a friend who specializes in BTS fan art embroidery. I contacted her with the idea because I wanted her to make me a Hobi “Boy Meets Evil” era. She agreed and asked me for a Yoongi doll with a flower crown in exchange. So I spent some time working on that until now.

This is the original picture that she showed me, it’s from one of his photoshoots:

This is the doll I crocheted inspired by this look. It’s 14 inches tall, and I used half acrylic/half cotton yarn for the body and clothes.

The hair is made of wool yarn that I brushed with a pet brush. Wool is more expensive than acrylic but I find it easier to brush the fibers. The flower crown is made with wire and a crocheted band. I glued the flowers and leaves all around it.

I had to make a lot of flowers to cover the crown. It took me several days to complete everything but I think it turned out really cute. This was my first time doing this type of floral arrangement. The white and purple flowers were made using this YouTube tutorial (links at the end).

I think I will make a tutorial for the crown for anybody who is interested. I really enjoyed doing this doll, I cannot wait to give it to my friend!

The leaf cord lace tutorial is by Crochet With Samra on Youtube.

The white and purple flower tutorial is by Luluslittleshop on Youtube.

Baepsae Yoongi

Last month I made a BTS doll for a special Giveaway on Twitter. I always wanted to crochet a Yoongi doll based on the Baepsae practice meme. I thought it would be a fun project to do, especially because of the pose that is so unusual and funny.

The doll is about 9 inches tall and crocheted with cotton yarn. The clothes were very easy to make compare to some of the ones I crocheted in the past. Black pants and shirt, simple grey shoes. I think the only challenge I have encountered is to recreate the pose, which I did using steel wires inside the body. I am very happy that I was able to gift this doll to a fan even though I do miss it!

They call me, Baepsae… (I have that song in my head now)

BTS dolls – OT7 collection

I finished my BTS dolls collection! All of them are very special to me, I spent a lot of time working on them this year. I start 8 months with Jungkook Bon Voyage 4 and ended with Jin in his Kore sweater. Crocheting these dolls has been a huge inspiration. I Iearned a lot of new techniques that I will be able to take with me in my next projects.

I made video compilation of all the dolls that I posted on Youtube. I had a lot of people interested in the pattern, but it’s very difficult for me to write patterns for clothes, I improvise a lot. I will, however, write a proper pattern for the body and shoes of the doll. I haven’t decided if I will post the pattern on ETSY or if I will make a video for YouTube yet.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel, I also post crochet patterns and various tutorials. Happy crocheting!