Black Swan JK – parts 3 and 4

I uploaded parts 3 and 4 of my JK Black Swan tutorial on YouTube. One for the face and chain, and the other for the jacket. The series is almost complete, I just need to work on the hair. The last tutorial will be available in the next couple of weeks.

The pattern for the body of the doll is available on ETSY. It can be used to make this doll or any amigurumi projects:

I am a bit behind on my blog, I have four more completed projects to post about! I will update it all very soon. In the meantime, happy crocheting!


Black Swan JK

Do Your Thang, Do Your Thang With Me Now… I love this song, Black Swan. I went to BTS concert last year and I will never forget that particular performance. I always wanted to crochet a BTS Black Swan doll, and last month I finally had time to do it but it was hard to pick out one out of all seven. I finally opted to crochet JK with his cropped vest because I had little all the accessories available in my craft box. The pattern I used for the body is the same I crocheted for my Love Cell Doll, and it is now available on ETSY.

I only had to use two different colors of yarn because the outfit is all black, with black hair. I used wool yarn for the hair that I brushed with a pet brush. I used embroidery thread to make the mouth, which was also another inspiration to make the doll because JK had a lip ring that was fun to recreate.

I had so much fun making it, and a lot of people told me that they loved it so I decided to film a series of tutorials to show how I made the clothes and hair. I uploaded the first video two days ago. There will be a total of five videos for each piece. The last one will be about the hair. Here is the introductory video:

I also uploaded the first tutorial of the series, about the pants:

The next one will be a tutorial to make the shoes. I will upload it next week 🙂

Fish Wind Chime

BTS recently released some artist merch on their website that they each created and one of them was a bungeo-ppang wind chime by Namjoon (RM). I really wanted it but unfortunately, it was sold out by the time I tried to buy it.

Since I was unlucky with my purchase I decided to make my own version in crochet. I bought some grey and orange yarn to recreated the model, and a little grey beaded chain for the decor.

This was actually a fun project but it took me a little bit more time than expected because I filmed the pattern in the process to release on my YouTube channel.

I am really happy to share this pattern with other fans, I uploaded the tutorial last week and I know a few people already made their own. I am really glad that it was easy for them to crochet, I tried to make it as simple as I could. Happy crocheting!

Squid Game Guard Tutorial

I created a pattern to make a Squid Game Guard tutorial that I uploaded on Youtube if you are interested. It is a small version of the previous doll I made and easier to crochet. I picked the square guard this time, but you can choose any rank you want for yours. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. Also, he is harmless!

Happy crocheting!

More Christmas Tutorials

I uploaded two more crochet tutorials on my Youtube Channel, both very easy to make. The first one is a snowman ornament with a beanie and earmuffs. The muffs are made with chenille stems and pompoms. You can make several of them in different colors to decorate your tree.

I also uploaded a tutorial to make Christmas socks ornaments. I have several versions, one traditional red and white, and two versions for BTS ARMY with both logos.

I hope you will enjoy these Christmas tutorial! If you have any suggestions for my channel please feel free to suggest in the comments. In the meantime, happy crocheting!

Christmas owl ornament – video tutorial

We are getting close to the holidays season so I am going full gear on Christmas related projects. I uploaded a video tutorial on my YouTube channel to make this cute owl ornament. It’s very easy to make and take no time at all, you can make several in a day. You can pick different colors as well, and decorate your tree with a all bunch of colorful owls! Also, if you have any suggestions for my YouTube channel, and if you haven’t yet please like and Subscribe, I am going to upload a lot of videos.

Purple You crocheted heart – video tutorial

I recently uploaded a new video tutorial on YouTube!

Learn to make this cute purple heart. It’s an easy pattern that you can use for any projects (keychain, ornament, etc…) I had originally made it for my TaeTae doll, and people asked me for the pattern.

Happy crocheting! If you have any suggestions for patterns you would like me to upload on youtube let me know in the comments!