Jack In the Box J-Hope Amigurumi Doll

The doll was inspired by J-Hope’s concept for his music video “More”. This has to be one of the favorite dolls I made so far. I love the theme behind it, it gave me the opportunity to work on something a bit darker than usual while keeping it cute.

I also made a custom doll stand for it with some wood and paint. Painting the checkers was the hardest part because I am not used to that medium. I also made the little box

I am still trying to find my signature style for dolls, so I always venture out trying different things when I create a pattern. But recently I have been more and more focused on finding my own style and the process of making this doll was part of it. I think that the next dolls I make will be based on this model even if I decide to improve on a few modifications.


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