Las Vegas Craft Group Project

Earlier this month I participated in a craft project with a group of fiber artists that created yarn bombing panels to celebrate the BTS concerts in Vegas. The idea was to make panels with appliques inspired by the “Permission to Dance” theme. Each of us worked on our own appliques for each panel to be displayed at the stadium. I decided to crochet road signs with BTS songs for one of them.

I got the idea from the signpost in the music video of PTD, but I just changed the names of the cities to songs to make it more fun. I used felt to cut the letters, I did it manually because I don’t have a Cricut. When I finished the signs I sent them to Carolyn, the crafter who knitted all the background for the appliques. She is super creative and really made a beautiful panel to display the signpost. She also made a panel for each member.

The background was custom-made by @bts_knit (IG)and also inspired by the music video of the song.

This was my contribution to this project, but there were a lot of participants and we ended up with a lot of panels. Some made whales, purple hearts and balloons, etc… Everybody was so creative and inspiring. I didn’t go to Vegas but the ones who did worked really hard on finding the right location and set up the yarn bombing display on the same day they went to the concert. Here are all the pictures they took of the final setup:

Contributors: @Makrokosmos_21, @kiranimnida, @Alissa_0613, @momengineerarmy, @2ndGradeArmy0t7, @JkRisade, biastapes, @SmittenKitMit, @bts_knits, @Coldfloral, @Mybtsstanacct1, @Abbyj357, @mamamochimolala.


Squid Game

I have been a big fan of Kdramas for years so it was interesting to see a Korean series get so much recognition worldwide. The minute I saw the characters I knew I would end up making a doll of one of them, so I spend my free time crocheting a red guard this past week.

I picked the lower rank of them all because it looks less threatening! I think my version is completely harmless, it turned out really cute! I really would like to crochet #67 next, she was my favorite character. Which player was your favorite?

Chihiro and Kaonashi, Spirited Away

I am a big fan of Ghibli Studios films and my favorite anime is Spirited Away. I always wanted to make a crochet version of Chihiro and Kaonashi (No-Face) but never got around to it. I decided it was about time I tried, so I took my yarn and crochet hook and started on that project

I started with Chihiro because it was the most challenging character. I picked her working outfit which was a little more challenging but more interesting than her basic shirt and shorts. I made a wig for the hair and added an extension for the ponytail and bangs that I made with yarn. I think it turned out really cute!

After I finished the doll I started to crochet No-face. It was much easier to make and didn’t take long. I used felt for the face and facial features. I made the eyes a little more round that the original because I wanted it to look really cute to match the doll. Sometimes creative choices really work, even with established characters. Here is how it turned out:

I made a tutorial for the No-Face that can be found on my Youtube channel. I modified the eyes to make it look more like the original but everything else is the same. This is a great tutorial for people who know how to crochet but have never tried to make amigurumi. The pattern is very basic and easy to follow:

I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. Happy crocheting!

Bang PD doll

There was one doll missing in my BTS collection, and it was the boss. I thought it would be a cute idea to make one since there is none of that kind that exist in the world. Also, I liked the idea of trying a different body shape for the occasion. I made it smaller than the BTS ones, which is fine since he is shorter in real life. The outfit was very easy to make because he wears very conservative clothes and shoes. I had a lot of fun with this project!

I made his glasses with wire that I bent into shape. It wasn’t easy but I was able to make a decent pair after several attempts. It took me 4 days to make this doll, here are pictures of the process:

the lower body of the doll
I worked on the pants along the way
Upper body and his shirt

It’s not very common but I like to work on the clothes as I crochet the body. Normally, you would work on the body first then the clothes but I found that this method work best for me.

Here is a picture of the boss with his kids. The family looks complete now!

I have been working on a lot of projects this month so I haven’t been able to update my blog as much but I have a lot more to show you! 🙂


Jimin is the 5th doll I made for my BTS collection. I picked the Spring day outfit because it is one of his most iconic looks and looking at it remind me of the song. I really enjoyed the process of making this doll and wanted to share a little bit of my journey into Spring day Jimin with you.

Spring Day Jimin

First of all, I had to study the outfit from pictures to seek all the details I could add to the doll. I can’t always recreate everything but I try to include as much as I can when I make a fan art doll. The shoes in particular caught my attention; I had never noticed that one shoe had a different color pattern than the other even though I have watched the music video countless times!

One shoe is blue and the other one green

The shoes were the most challenging part because it had to be done in layers. I played around with it a lot before figuring out how to do it, but I am happy with the result and learned something new in the process! I also struggled with the length of the socks because the legs of my doll are quite short.

Half way there!

The first version I made of the jeans had white paint on it, but I didn’t like it. The color blended with the yarn and looked slightly blue, so I made another pair using white yarn instead.

The shirt without the sleeves.

I love his blue jacket. I used a light blue mohair yarn that I fluffed up a bit with a brush. the color is slightly lighter than the original but it’s very hard to figure out the exact color tones from pictures. I think it turned out really cute!

Jimin with his best friend Tae tae

Jimin has now joined his brothers in the family picture. I still have one more to make to complete the set, I think i will start on my last one next week (Seokjinnie).

from left to right: Purple you Taetae, Baepsae Joonie, Spring Day Jiminie, BV4 Kookie, Daechwita Yoongles.

Working on these dolls have allowed me to explore my skills and sharpen my techniques along the way. The best way to improve is to do it with things that inspire you, and my journey with these dolls so far have been wonderful. 🙂

BTS Light Stick tutorial

I have a new video tutorial on YouTube for ARMY to make their own crocheted version of the BTS light stick. I had a lot of requests for this tutorial after I made one last year. I finally had the chance to work on that project and I hope people will enjoy it. I tried to make it as simple as I could, the video is a little over an hour long but I didn’t want to skip any steps. If anybody make this, please leave me some feedback to let me know if you liked it! Happy crocheting!

Daechwita Doll

A few weeks ago I watched a music video that inspired me to make a doll, Daechwita by Agust D. I just fell in love with the outfit, hair and accessories he wears in the video, it’s a modern take on traditional Korean costumes. The outfit has several layers of clothes and gold prints on the shirt and arms, tennis shoes and a lot of fun accessories.

It took me almost two weeks to make this doll, I spent a lot of time on the outfit. I learned how to do print transfer on fabric in the process, and V neck shirts. I used regular acrylic yarn to make the hair and sprayed it with starch after cutting it.

I think it turned out really cute. I love my little Daechwita doll! He still doesn’t have his sword but he’s such a nice little guy, I don’t think he needs one :P. Maybe I will make him a box with a purple heart instead, he likes to collect them.

He joined his three brothers (I still have three more to make to complete the BTS collection)

Happy together!!

JK BV4 with pig tails doll

Last month I worked on a Fan Art project after watching BV 4. Since I recently started to make clothes, I am always looking for ideas to challenge myself and improved my techniques. I really loved that FILA jacket and the entire outfit, I wanted to see if I could recreate it with my yarn.

It was actually easier to crochet that I thought, but I had to embroider the sleeves with the FILA logo, which was a bit difficult because I do not have a lot of experience with that craft. I couldn’t skip that step because it’s the most important piece of the jacket and what makes it what it is.

The hardest part was the hair. I am still experimenting with ways to make hair, and for this doll I decided to make pieces to sew around the head. It’s very work extensive and it took me a long time to cover the entire head.

I added the little lamb which is part of one of BV4 episodes. It’s my JK doll’s companion, I think they look so cute together!

I really enjoyed making this JK doll, It took me 3 weeks to crochet. I think it turned out really cute 🙂 I forgot to mention that I used wires to keep him steady. I need to buy a roll because it takes a lot of it for just one doll. (I used electric wire from Home Depot).

Little Purple Clown

I almost forgot to post bout the little purple clown I made two weeks ago. I wanted to try something new and this project gave me that opportunity to try new techniques. I made clown shoes and the shape of the body is shorter than what I usually do (legs are shorter). I really like the result, I think it turned out really cute.

This project was inspired by an inside joke about being clowns (thing is, if you are going to be a clown you might as well be a cute one). I used a pom pom to make the nose and felt for the eyes and face paint.

I tried a new technique to do the shoes, and I really like it. The top and the bottom were crocheted separately and sewed together (I will make a tutorial on my YouTube Channel). I put it on my shelf, with all my collection of dolls I created just for the fun of it! I am gonna need a special room to display all of them if I keep this up! lol