Black Swan JK – parts 3 and 4

I uploaded parts 3 and 4 of my JK Black Swan tutorial on YouTube. One for the face and chain, and the other for the jacket. The series is almost complete, I just need to work on the hair. The last tutorial will be available in the next couple of weeks.

The pattern for the body of the doll is available on ETSY. It can be used to make this doll or any amigurumi projects:

I am a bit behind on my blog, I have four more completed projects to post about! I will update it all very soon. In the meantime, happy crocheting!


Las Vegas Craft Group Project

Earlier this month I participated in a craft project with a group of fiber artists that created yarn bombing panels to celebrate the BTS concerts in Vegas. The idea was to make panels with appliques inspired by the “Permission to Dance” theme. Each of us worked on our own appliques for each panel to be displayed at the stadium. I decided to crochet road signs with BTS songs for one of them.

I got the idea from the signpost in the music video of PTD, but I just changed the names of the cities to songs to make it more fun. I used felt to cut the letters, I did it manually because I don’t have a Cricut. When I finished the signs I sent them to Carolyn, the crafter who knitted all the background for the appliques. She is super creative and really made a beautiful panel to display the signpost. She also made a panel for each member.

The background was custom-made by @bts_knit (IG)and also inspired by the music video of the song.

This was my contribution to this project, but there were a lot of participants and we ended up with a lot of panels. Some made whales, purple hearts and balloons, etc… Everybody was so creative and inspiring. I didn’t go to Vegas but the ones who did worked really hard on finding the right location and set up the yarn bombing display on the same day they went to the concert. Here are all the pictures they took of the final setup:

Contributors: @Makrokosmos_21, @kiranimnida, @Alissa_0613, @momengineerarmy, @2ndGradeArmy0t7, @JkRisade, biastapes, @SmittenKitMit, @bts_knits, @Coldfloral, @Mybtsstanacct1, @Abbyj357, @mamamochimolala.

December projects

I was supposed to take a break for the holidays but instead, I took on more than I usually do during the rest of the year. So here is what I have been doing this month.

Butter Holiday Mix Version: I couldn’t resist crocheting a holiday version of the Butter Shaped Heart I had made after BTS released their single. I used the same pattern but added eyes and a felted nose on top. If you are interested in crocheting one I have the original tutorial available on my YouTube channel.

Jeon Bam: I fell in love with Bam after watching the second season of The Soop. That dog is so cute and I always wanted to try to do realistic versions of animals. I had crocheted plushies in the past but nothing as challenging as this one. To help me with this project I purchased a pattern by CrochetMiniPets that helped me learn the techniques. I modified it to my liking, the head is completely improvised.

Hobi taking a ride on Bam

Long Hair Jiminie: this is a doll I had not planned to make until Jimin posted a selfie with hair extensions. I was looking for ideas to do a Christmas giveaway on Twitter and that look really won me over. I crocheted a really small version of it, I called it Pocket Jiminie and it is the smalles doll I ever made. I used yarn for the hair that I brushed and flatten with an iron. This little Jiminie is going to a new home very soon!

I will make another post for my last project of the year, my Nom Nom TaeTae. Stay tuned for a new post soon!

Daechwita Agust D – Second Version

This is a cute little story I have to tell. Last month one of my friends on Twitter surprised me with a gift I did not expect. I had mentioned that I really wanted the DVD set of BTS Memories of 2020 more than any others released in previous years because it was full of moments that made me smile throughout difficult times. I did not expect anybody to buy me those DVDs but soon after I received a package. I was so touched by this selfless gesture that I couldn’t just leave it with a thank you. So I decided to make her a doll to let her know how grateful I am for it. I had already made a Daechwita king version of Agust D, so I decided to crochet his counterpart. It was a very fun and exciting project, and a new challenge for me.

the doll with my dvd box set.

I am really going to miss that doll, but I am also so happy to gift it to someone who has been so kind to me. I took a picture of it with my Daechwita King doll before sending it off. Look at the difference in size, the king looks like a giant! (that doll is about 12 inches tall though).

I am glad I was able to surprise her with his gift the same way she did surprised me with that box set! I really like the idea of gift exchanges, it’s so meaningful!

I added a kitty charm to his necklace just because hehe

Purple hair JK, Curly hair Taetae & Butter Hobi

I was cleaning my craft box when I found two silver beads amongst other accessories that I did not know I had or where they come from. I immediately thought about Jungkook when I saw them and decided to crochet a purple hair Kookie with his eyebrow piercing. Instead of recreating a stage outfit I got my inspiration from his street style and incorporated big bunny shoes and cargo pants into the look. I think it turned out really cute, here is the result:

I really liked Hobi’s sporty look in the Butter music video and since I always get inspired by BTS outfits (they always wear cool clothes) I was inspired to recreate that look into a doll. I think my fav part is his little shirt tucked into the shorts and the hat. I used a print transfer paper on fabric for the shirt. Here is the result:

Last but not least I crocheted a curly hair Taetae because I had never tried to do that type of hair on a doll. It was quite a process but I love the result. I made a video on TikTok showing the steps (my TikTok account is @pyroprincess2). The outfit was also inspired by his style, I included bear shoes and a Tata sweater to complete the look. I think it turned out really cute:

I have more posts coming soon, I recently updated my ETSY with new patterns that I will talk about in my next entry! Happy crocheting!

Seokjinnie the Moon

I finished the doll and pattern for the sixth doll of my Bangtan collection, Seokjinnie the Moon. I made him in a moon costume with a little earth orbiting above him and a rose growing on his hoodie. It was inspired by the song and set of his performance of Moon.

The rose above his head was inspired by the set of that performance that included a large moon with a rose growing on it, just like the one in The Little Prince. I really enjoyed crocheting this doll even though I wasn’t sure how it would turn out when I started it. I tried different ways to make the craters until I was finally happy with the result (I had to redo the body because of it).

From left to right: Kookie the ARMY bomb, Yoongi the Snowman, Seokjinnie the Moon, Taetae the Winter Bear, Hobi the Sun and Joonie the Bonsai Tree.

A little Seokjinnie for Christmas

It’s been such a difficult year for all of us I don’t think anybody will miss 2020. To end the year with a smile and defy the gloomy days I made a little Seokjinnie doll that I gave away as a Christmas Special through Twitter. It’s one of my favorite dolls to date, so it was a little bittersweet to let it go. I also took that opportunity to challenge myself by trying a new technique to make the hair. It was not easy and took a lot of patience but the result was worth it.

Worldwide Handsome Seokjinnie

I think I spent more time on the hair than on the rest of the doll. I cut pieces of yarn then brushed the strands to chance the texture into hair (that took forever). Then, I flatten the hair with a flat iron and glued the pieces on the head, layers by layers. I had to play hairdresser to cut and style it the way I wanted to, and I had to take my time because I didn’t want to make any mistake. I love the result, the hair is soft and silky and it really enhance the look of the doll.

The layers after being brushed

I made a print transfer of RJ for his sweater using a picture I found on google. I transferred it on white cotton fabric then glued the piece on the sweater. I think it turned out really cute!

I love the little sprout on his hair!

Little Seokjinnie is on its way to his new home, I will miss it but I think I will make more dolls using this pattern next year. I have a lot of projects on my list, especially for my YouTube channel. So I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, good health and lots of joy in your life!


Jimin is the 5th doll I made for my BTS collection. I picked the Spring day outfit because it is one of his most iconic looks and looking at it remind me of the song. I really enjoyed the process of making this doll and wanted to share a little bit of my journey into Spring day Jimin with you.

Spring Day Jimin

First of all, I had to study the outfit from pictures to seek all the details I could add to the doll. I can’t always recreate everything but I try to include as much as I can when I make a fan art doll. The shoes in particular caught my attention; I had never noticed that one shoe had a different color pattern than the other even though I have watched the music video countless times!

One shoe is blue and the other one green

The shoes were the most challenging part because it had to be done in layers. I played around with it a lot before figuring out how to do it, but I am happy with the result and learned something new in the process! I also struggled with the length of the socks because the legs of my doll are quite short.

Half way there!

The first version I made of the jeans had white paint on it, but I didn’t like it. The color blended with the yarn and looked slightly blue, so I made another pair using white yarn instead.

The shirt without the sleeves.

I love his blue jacket. I used a light blue mohair yarn that I fluffed up a bit with a brush. the color is slightly lighter than the original but it’s very hard to figure out the exact color tones from pictures. I think it turned out really cute!

Jimin with his best friend Tae tae

Jimin has now joined his brothers in the family picture. I still have one more to make to complete the set, I think i will start on my last one next week (Seokjinnie).

from left to right: Purple you Taetae, Baepsae Joonie, Spring Day Jiminie, BV4 Kookie, Daechwita Yoongles.

Working on these dolls have allowed me to explore my skills and sharpen my techniques along the way. The best way to improve is to do it with things that inspire you, and my journey with these dolls so far have been wonderful. 🙂

Taetae doll

My last project was a little Taetae doll with blue hair and flower wraith. I really was looking forward to work on that because I love the angelic look and the combination of colors. While I was working on it I took step by step pictures of the process to show people how I make a doll. I compiled all of those pictures in a short video that I posted on my youtube channel:

The clothing was pretty easy to do, it is a very basic outfit I bought flowers and wires to make the wreath. I tried to make it look as close as I could to the original.

He is holding his symbolic little purple heart with the number 7 on it. I felt that something would be missing without it!

Chim Chim with Bunny Hat

I just finished another doll to add to my Chibi collection. My Sunflower Hobi Doll looked really lonely so I made a Jimin to keep it company. It was inspired by the Bunny Ears outfit that BTS Jimin was wearing at the airport. I thought it would be a cool challenge since the outfit has a lot of layers such as a shirt, a hoodie and a bomber jacket on top of it.

It took me two weeks to crochet the doll. I really had a lot of fun making the clothes, especially the jacket. You can’t really see on the pictures but he’s actually wearing a shirt and a hoodie underneath it.

I think he turned out really cute, I love his bunny hat on top of his cap. I had to embroider the words “hello on” but I am not an expert in embroidery. I did the best I can, I need more practice.

Look at him, he looks so happy keeping Hobi company! I am going to need a new shelf to display them in my room (high enough so the cat doesn’t get to them).

Now that I finished my little Jimin doll, I am ready to start my next project, so I have to go back to the drawing board. I am going to make a Chibi version of Medusa, I am very excited about it!