Easter celebration, Chicken and baby chick

Easter is a great source of inspiration when it comes to crafting, and lately I have been busy making Spring related items, such as flowers, bunnies etc… And I just finished a mama chicken and her baby chick.

Easter  chicken

I used raffia I found at the floral section of the craft store to make the nest.

Mama chicken is nesting.
Mama chicken is nesting.

I learned a lot about chickens while making these amigurumi. I learned that the top of the head of a chicken is called a comb, and that the part underneath the beak is called a wattle. Thanks to crafting,  I expanded my knowledge in bird anatomy!

Isn't he cute?
Isn’t he cute?

Crazy Chicken pattern by May – Amigurimi shop

Three years ago a friend of mine asked me to make her an amigurumi chicken, but more precisely, a crazy looking one. At the time I didn’t make my own patterns yet, so I shopped around and stumbled upon the perfect bird for the job. It is a pattern by May, from Amigurimi shop. It doesn’t only look crazy, it is very cute!

Her pattern is easy to understand. I had no difficulty making it even though I was quite a beginner at the time. The photos that comes along with this pattern helped a lot, and I learned new techniques in the process. Here is my little chicken getting a sun tan in the garden:

Isn't he crazy cute?
Isn’t he crazy cute?

I changed the color of the collar to blue and the comb to red instead of making them both purple, and I used goggly eyes instead of felt. The head is sewed to the collar, but I think it would be easier to just glue it instead, as well as the eyes.

My friend loved her gift, and it is sitting in her dining room to this day. I wonder how it feels when he sees  her eating chicken?

If you are interested in this pattern, you go to amigurumi shop – crazy chicken pattern on Ravelry. I really recommend it!

In the meantime, happy crocheting!