Newborn little outfits

Recently, a friend of mine asked me if I could make two little outfits for a newborn’s photoshoot; a bear beanie with a diaper cover, and a caterpillar cocoon. I am not familiar with baby sizes and clothes, so I looked online for patterns to help me figure it out. After looking through many tutorials, I found one on youtube to make the hat and cocoon, and two different ones on Ravelry to make the bear hat, and diaper cover.


I started with the diaper cover with a pattern by Casey Braden on Ravelry. I like her pattern because it is very easy to follow. I put two buttons on the front lap instead of one, I thought it would be easier to fasten them up, or readjust if needed.


The pom-pom wasn’t part of that pattern, I found a youtube tutorial by GiddyUpWorkshop to make small ones. It teaches you how to make a pom-pom with a fork, I had so much fun I wanted to keep making more!


Once I finished the diaper cover, I picked another pattern from Ravelry to make the bear hat. It is a tutorial by Amanda Kuhn  that includes a bow if the hat is for a girl. I just love its design, my little hat turned out so cute.


The next outfit, a caterpillar cocoon and hat, was made using a youtube tutorial created by Nadia, YARNutopia. I used the same yarn she used for the cocoon, Red Heart Super Saver in green tones. The different shades of green are so pretty!


I used a darker shade of red to make the hat. I did like the brighter version but I didn’t have it in stock. I just picked a lighter shade of purple to make the nose and the antennas to balance it out.


I think these outfits are a great ideas for a newborn photo session, they do not take long to make. You can also choose to just make the hats for baby to wear when it is cold outside.


I cannot wait to see the photos of the baby with these little outfits, they are so cute! I I do get them, I will post them on my blog.

Happy crocheting!


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