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The list of things I want to make this year is getting so long that I will need more than one set of hands to crochet all of them. I can never work fast enough, time always goes by too fast, and there are only 24  hours in a day. So I am taking it one project at a time, one step at a time, without thinking to much ahead or how slow I am. One of these many projects is a series about dogs. I just finished my first one, a little Dachshund that turned out really cute even though he gave me a little bit of trouble along the way.


I decided to start with a Wiener dog because I thought it would be the easiest to crochet, but I had the great idea to pick some left over yarn instead of a brand new one. I convinced myself that it would be enough to crochet the entire thing, until I ran out of yarn for the head. No problem, all I had to do was buy another ball to finish the project… Except that the craft store didn’t carry that color anymore, and I came back home empty ended and very frustrated.


I don’t know how much time I spent staring at my headless wiener dog, feeling defeated. There was no solution, I had to start over again from scratch, a lesson learned. This time I made sure to pick a brand new and large ball of yarn. I picked gold and decide to go for two colors instead of one, brown for the ears and tails.


His name is Frank, it suits him well. I crocheted it with a 2.75mm hook, and Red Heart Super Savers acrylic yarn. You cannot really tell his size from the photo, but he is about 9 inches long. I like to make my plushes small, they don’t take a lot of room.


I think I would like to make a hot dog version of my wiener dog, with little buns on the side and a thread of mustard on top.. Just something to add to my scrollable list. I wrote a pattern that is available on ETSY, the finished item will join my donation box. As for my headless wiener dog, I haven’t given up on it! Someday I will find the yarn, today, tomorrow or a year from now, but I will find it (when I do I will have a party to celebrate).


Here is the little story of Hope, the little dog crochet pattern I designed this week, and just finished.


Few weeks ago I saw a video from a dog rescue organization, called Hope For Paws that touched me a lot. The video was about the rescue of a sick and abandoned named Bethany. With the joined effort of Bill Foundation, they took care of all her needs, and gave Bethany her health back, a temporary home, and happiness : Bethany’s video.

It was so heartbreaking, but I kept on watching all of their rescue videos. Fiona, the blind dog, who was found in a trash heap. Watson, the dog with the missing leg. Troy, Sky and Apollo etc… I couldn’t stop thinking about all these dogs afterward, and the dedication these people put into saving them.

It inspired me to make this little dog that I named Hope, a little rescued dog with booboos on her legs, but a happy pet because she was saved and cared for. I sent the doggy to the organization, it’s sitting on their desk now.


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