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It’s January and after a break during the holidays I am back in full swing. I just finished my first crochet project of the year, a little panda bear! He’s cute and tiny, only 5 inches tall. I decided to make two versions of it; one with regular yarn, and the other with wool to make him look furry. I haven’t crocheted that one yet, I need to go to the craft store to get the supplies. In the mean time, here is my first version:


I used a 2.75mm hook, and Caron Simply Soft in black and white. I like to use the same brand of yarn when I need different colors because threads have a different thickness from one brand to another. The patches are made with felt, and I used safety plastic buttons for the eyes.


He looks so cozy with  his little scarf! This project was easy to make, it only requires basic skills such as single crochet, increase and decrease. It took me a day to make it (but I will admit that I work fast). I was tempted to put a safety nose instead of embroidery but the ones I have in stock are too big, so I will reserve that for the second version of this panda I am going to make soon.


The question now is where this panda is going to go? I am thinking about donating some of my plushes for children in need this year, I just need to find the right place. If you know any organizations let me know, and I will look them up.

In the mean time, happy crocheting!

I have started to make Christmas ornaments and decorations, and I wanted to share with you two patterns I found online to make panda ornaments and Christmas trees.

First, the panda. the pattern is by Stephanie, from All About Ami, and is very easy to follow. It also includes a koala, and a teddy bear, but I have only made the panda.

Her pattern calls for lightweight yarn (3), and a 2.00 crochet hook. Since I had neither, I used a medium/4 yarn and a 2.75mm hook, and modified the pattern by  only increasing up to row 5. They are just so cute!

Panda ornaments I made with Stephanie's pattern

Panda ornaments I made with Stephanie’s pattern

The second pattern is a Christmas tree, and I absolutely love this pattern by The Lazy Hobbyhopper. Not only the pine tree is very cute, the pattern is easy to follow and fun. I made several of them in white and green. I put glitter on the white, and pom-poms on all of them. I glued a little wood stand at the bottom of the trees, I think they look lovely.

Christmas trees I made, pattern by The Lazy Hobbyhopper

Christmas trees I made, pattern by The Lazy Hobbyhopper

I really recommend these two patterns if you are looking for Christmas projects, they are fun and easy to make.

Happy crocheting!

It’s been a while since I added anything to my figurine collection, so decided to crank it up and start the year with a new addition, a doll in panda costume.
Panda Doll, Miss Dolkapots (that would be me)

Panda Doll, ©Miss Dolkapots

I made a post last year about these little figurines  inspired by the Kokeshi style of dolls from Japan. This one is part of my “dolls in animal costumes” series.


My next one will be a monk, then a Jamaican Rasta. I have an extensive list of figurines I want to add to my collection, or maybe I should call it a congregation. I need to graph another set of hands on my arms to work faster!


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