Kokeshi doll

Kokeshi dolls are traditional miniatures originated from Japan. There are different styles, but they share the same characteristic, they have no legs, and no arms. They are made with wood, and since amigurumi has become a popular form of crochet, you can also find them made with yarn.

I love these dolls, they are so cute. I have been making a few in the past years, but every time I make a new one I try to do something different. Here is the last one I crocheted, I think she turned out really cute.


I love using different colors for the hair and dress every time I crochet one. It’s a lot of fun to try new combination, I picked burgundy, green, and blue this time around. I embroidered the eyes with black yarn, sometimes I use safety eyes but I think I like it better this way. I like to try different shapes for each one.


It’s also fun to try different hairdo, one bun on top, or two buns on each side. You can really get creative and try pig tails, add braids etc… I went with the simple bun on top, and decorated it with a flower, and a ribbon. I added a little piece of accessory on the side to add to her looks.


If you look at traditional Japanese costumes, you will see that there are different kind of bows attached to the back of the dresses. Mine is very simple, I just used felt and some glue.


I finished my project by gluing a wood circle to the bottom of the doll. It keeps the doll from falling over, and the yarn from getting dirty. Watch out, once you start making these miniatures, it’s hard to stop!

Happy crocheting!



A doll named Olivia

My obsession with dolls is far from over, in fact I am just getting started. Recently, the daughter of a friend of mine showed me an app called Chibi Maker on the DeviantArt site that allows you to create your own custom doll. We played with it a lot, picking hairstyles, face expressions, dress and shoes, and accessories. I had so much fun with it that it gave me the idea to use it as an inspiration for my amigurumis.

So here is Olivia, based on the chibi I had created on that app. I didn’t make it exactly the same, but the outfit and shoes are very similar to the graphic version.


I named her Olivia because she remind me of a little girl I know with similar big black almond shape eyes. I used felt, yarn, and safety eyes to make them. The chibi from the app has a different set of eyes, but I liked this better for this particular doll.



She is quite small compared to the other dolls I have made in the past, half the size of the other ones, about 7 inch tall. I think I will keep my dolls as small in the future, they are easier to handle.


I didn’t put any wires in her body, it wasn’t necessary since I had no intention to give her any poses. I am very happy with my little Olivia doll, I think she turned out really cute with her little flowers in her hair. This is what I really like about crocheting dolls, the little props and accessories you can add to them, it’s so much fun!


I think my next doll will be similar but goth style. I have always wanted to make a creepy cute doll, now is the time.

If you are interested in playing with the Chibi app for your own projects, or just to have fun with it, here is the link on DeviantArt: Chibi-Maker.

A big thank you to Lilly for giving me the idea of using that app to create my own dolls. You rock!