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Here comes the Pikachu

Posted on: August 12, 2016

Not long ago my mum asked me if I wouldn’t mind making a Pikachu for my little nephew who is only two years old but already crazy about that little Pokemon character. I said no, because I hate my nephew… I am joking of course, I adore him and I was really excited to make something for that little cutie pie.

I looked for free patterns online until I found one that I really liked. It is a tutorial by Sabrina which she published for free on her blog, Sabrina’s Crochet.  It is really easy to make,  and it took only a few days of my time to finish it. I didn’t follow the pattern to the letter, I made some modification to my liking like changing the numbers of rows, partly because I used a different brand of yarn and hook (I used Red Heart Super Savers and a 2.75mm hook).


It ended up being about 12 inch tall, and I think it turned out really cute. The pattern was easy to follow, I added some augmentations at the bottom of the body to simulate the legs. I also used a different technique to make the feet just because I like to change things around when I use other people’s patterns, put my own touch!


I really liked the way she made the tail, I thought it would be the hardest part but it turned out to be very easy. I didn’t use yarn to make the stripes, or the cheeks. I cut pieces of dark brown felt that I glued on the back of the body, and red circles that I glued on the face.


The tail is a bit heavy, so I put some glue on the bottom instead of sewing, which allows it to stand up. (about 1.5 inches, all the way up to the first stripe).

My nephew really enjoyed his new toy, and I can’t think of anything better but the smile of a child when you give him something you made with love.

Happy crocheting!


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