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Two ways to crochet doll feet

Posted on: March 5, 2016

Today I am posting a tutorial to crochet doll feet. Not just one tutorial, but  two of them because there are more than one way to make them. One is very simple and starts with a basic round, the other one uses a chain.


Two different methods to make a foot.

I personally like the shoe shape foot, even though the other one is easier to make. If you are a beginner I would recommend to start with the first tutorial.


You can decide which one you like best for your projects, or use both depending on the doll you are working on. Once you understand the concept, you can modify the tutorial to make feet larger or smaller.


On the left, the foot is crocheted with a chain at beginning. On the right, it is crocheted in rounds with a magic ring.

Abbreviations used for both tutorials:
rnd = round
sc = single crochet
inc = increase
dec = decrease
ch = chain
st = stitch
BLO = back loop only


The foot is crocheted in continuous spirals without joining the rounds.

With yarn, and crochet hook of your choice (I use a 2.75mm hook):
Start with a magic ring, or crochet 2 stitches in a chain and work your first round in the second stitch:
Rnd 1: 6 sc in center of the ring if using a magic ring, or 6 sc in second st from hook if using a chain (6)
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each st around (12)
Rnd 3: [1 sc, inc] 6 times (18)
Rnd 4: sc in each st around (18)
Rnd 5: dec 3 times, 12 sc (15)
Rnd 6: dec 2 times, 11 sc (13)
Rnd 7: dec 2 times, 11 sc (11)
Rnd 8: sc in each st around (11)
Stuff your foot with fiberfill.
Now you can continue with rounds of sc to make the legs!

In this second tutorial, the shape of the foot is more defined like a shoe. You will start with a chain, but you will still work in rounds without joining the rounds.

Rnd 1: ch 6, 4 sc, 3 sc in next st, continue on
the opposite side of the chain, 3 sc, 2 sc in
last st (12 sc)
Rnd 2: 2 sc in first st, 3 sc, 2 sc in next 3 st, 4
sc, 2 sc in last st (17)
Rnd 3: (2 sc, inc) 5 times, 2 sc (22)
Rnd 4: sc in each st around BLO (22)
Rnd 5: 8 sc, dec 4 times, 6 sc (18)
Rnd 6: 7 sc, dec 3 times, 5 sc (15)
Rnd 7: 7 sc, dec 2 times, 4 sc (13)
Rnd 8: 7 sc, dec 2 times, 2 sc (11)
Rnd 9: sc in each st around (11)
Now you can continue with rounds of sc to make the legs!

Tip: If you want to make a sole for your foot, just change colors at round 4. You don’t have to work round 4 in back loop only if you don’t want to. You can just crochet both stitch if you don’t want a sole.


Foot without back stitches.

I hope you find these tutorials useful, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments.

Happy crocheting!


14 Responses to "Two ways to crochet doll feet"

Thank you for sharing and giving me more options.

Oh I am very glad that these tutorials will be useful, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me! 🙂

Thanks for the tutorial, you explain the things in a very simple way

You’re welcome! It is my pleasure to share things that I have learned. 🙂

Super! Just what I was looking for. I can’t figure out how to make it smaller though…like only 1/3 the size

Hi! I am glad you found it 🙂 What size crochet did you use to make the foot? you can try a smaller size hook to make it smaller, and thinner yarn. Or you can also start with a smaller chain of 4 instead of 6, and continue the next rows using the same concept I used in the pattern. If you don’t get it right the first time around, keep trying, and take notes of changes you make until you get it right. I would try with a smaller hook first 🙂

Thank you for your instructions for the crochet feet. They are just right for the My Crochet Doll pattern as an alternative to the original pattern.

Hi Sally, I am glad my pattern was useful for your project. 🙂

thanks for this instructions, some questions here, how can i achieve 20 stitches for my legs in your shoe shape foot.

Hi! I am sorry for the delay, I had such a busy month I didn’t get a chance to go into your request until now. Here are some instructions to end up with 20 stitches. Start row 1 and 2 same as blog, then:

Row 3: 1 sc, inc, 5 sc, inc, 1 sc, inc, 6 sc, inc (21)
Row 4: 1 sc, inc, 6 sc, inc, 1 sc, inc, 7 sc, inc (25)
Row 5: [4 sc, inc] 5 times (30)
Rnd 6: sc in each st around BLO (back stitch only) (30)
Rnd 7: 10 sc, dec 4 times, 12 sc (26)
Rnd 8: 10 sc, dec 3 times, 10 sc (23)
Rnd 9: 10 sc, dec 2 times, 9 sc (21)
rnd 10: 10 sc, dec 1 times, 9 sc (20)
Rnd 11 sc in each st around to start the leg with 20 stitches

I hope this help. 🙂

Thanks for sharing. I’ve been looking for this pattern. Be back if i have a question. Thanks

You’re welcome! I will be glad to help if you have any questions. 🙂

My confusion here is ⬇
Row 5: [4 sc, inc] 5 times (30)

After 4 sc,does this ‘increase’ means i have to sc twice in the 5th st?

Yes, that’s what it means: you make 2 single crochet in the same stitch.

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