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Kvak, the frog

Posted on: October 16, 2015

I spent the last two weeks working on a pattern I had bought a while ago on ETSY,  an amigurumi frog designed by Galina Astashova from Little Owl’s Hut. I purchased this pattern because I wanted to learn how to use wires properly, and also because it is very cute. I love Little Owl’s Designs, they are very creative, and their patterns are well explained.

It really enjoyed learning this new technique even though I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish it, or if it would look as nice as the original. It turned out to easier than I thought it would be, and the frog turned out really cute. I took my frog for a walk outside for a photoshoot, he really enjoyed posing for the camera.

Kvak frog

The frog is supposed to be about 16 inch tall but mine ended up being 22 inch because I used a yarn thicker than required. I am happy with the size, this must be the tallest doll I have ever crocheted!


Kvak frog amigurumi

I love the fact that I can make him sit, stand or have his arms in different positions. The mouth is also wired, so his mouth can be opened or closed.


If you are interested in making your own frog, you can go to Little Owl’s Hut shop on ETSY (The level for this pattern is intermediate).  Check out their other patterns as well, they are really cool, and they are available in English, French, Italian, Danish, and German.

Happy crocheting!


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