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Frogs and owls

Posted on: April 16, 2015

I love to try other people’s patterns, and this week I found two very cute tutorials to make a frog, and little owls. Both patterns are free, and very easy to read.

The frog is a  pattern by Mary Walker which can be downloaded as a PDF file from Ravelry.  Very easy to make, you only need knowledge of basic stitches, and how to change colors.  I am very happy with the result, it turned out just like on the photo except for the eyes which I made my own way to look more goofy.

Frog I made with Mary Walker Pattern.

Frog I made with Mary Walker Pattern.

For the eyes, I just made a magic ring with 6 sc in the center. Increased to 12, then sc in two next row before decreasing back to 6 sc. I added the eyelid following the same pattern until I reached 12 sc. Next row I crocheted [3 sc, inc] X3 , then a row of sc to finish.

I highly recommend this pattern if you want to make a frog, it’s the best I have seen available for free!

The little owls come from a pattern by Janine Holmes – Moji Moji Design. I found it while browsing on Pinterest, and her Nesting Rainbow Owls are so cute I couldn’t resist making some. This pattern also comes as a PDF, downloadable from her blog.

Owls I made, Pattern by Janine Holmes

Owls I made, Pattern by Janine Holmes

I only made three owls, but the pattern also come with a tutorial to make a nest that can hold at list six of them. I did not make the beak and feet with yarn, I decided to cut pieces of orange felt and glue them instead. I highly recommend this pattern,  not only they are adorable but they are also fun to make . It took me an hour to make each!

I forgot to mention that both patterns are written in English, US format.

Happy crocheting!

2 Responses to "Frogs and owls"

So cute! My sister would love a froggy like this! Thanks for sharing the link for the pattern! 🙂

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