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Reindeer applique/ornament

Posted on: December 7, 2014

I found a really cool pattern to make a reindeer applique on Repeat Crafter Me. It’s so cute, I decided to make some and turn them into ornaments. This applique is so easy to make, it only took an hour to make 12 of them. They will look really nice on the Christmas tree!

Reindeer applique I made, Repeat Crafter Me Pattern

Reindeer applique I made, Repeat Crafter Me Pattern

I  loved the way she made the face but I decided put my own spin on it. I used brown felt to make the antlers instead of crocheting them, and red felt for the nose because I didn’t have any red buttons (I really wanted to put some small red pom-poms but I didn’t have any left). I glued some goggly eyes instead of using embroidery. Since I wanted to turn this applique into an ornament, I glued a piece of ribbon on the applique for the hook, then a bow on top of it.

Reindeer applique I made, pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

You can make a lot of them in no time.

Sarah has really cute patterns on her site, take this opportunity to browse her blog, she has tons of cute things for all occasions!

Happy crocheting!


2 Responses to "Reindeer applique/ornament"

I like both versions. I think everything should have googly eyes. I also wanted to ask you if and where do you sell your items?

I love goggly eyes :). At the moment, I only sell items when I attend craft fairs, which is just two times a year.

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