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Craft fair – booth ideas/part 2

Posted on: December 6, 2014

I spent the last two months preparing for a fair that took place last Thursday and Friday, two days in a row. It was so much fun, and now I can relax and take some time off crocheting for a while. (knowing me, that is going to last two days).

I had made a post about craft fairs a while ago, and my goal was too spend more time on presentation and improve my booth. I spent a lot of time in thrift stores and dollar stores to look for cheap but cute props. I also went on Pinterest to get some ideas and inspiration.

Booth fair

I bought the fabric for the table at the garment district of Los Angeles, at 99 cents the yard. You cannot beat that price!

My first purchase was at the dollar store, I bought two holders and two plates which I glued together to make a small cake stands. I used them to display my crochet donuts and cupcakes.

Amigurumi donuts

I can also use the plate display at my house as well when I don’t use it for fairs, it’s so pretty.

I found these wood boxes in my garage and put them to good use to display my dolls and little critters. I was thinking about painting them in white but I ran out of time. I think it turned out fine just the way it is anyway.

Booth fair 2

The garage is the cheapest place to go.

My second purchase was this tree made out of a branch, which I found at the flower district of Los Angeles. The  perfect display for my Christmas ornaments.

Tree display

I can also use that tree to decorate my house when I don’t use it at fairs!

I went to Jo-Anns and bought this jewelry stand half off with my coupon. I used it do display my crocheted keychains.

crochet keychains

Coupons are a life saver.

I used a photo stand I found at a thrift store to display my large ornaments.

Sometimes, you have to think outside the box to find things.

Sometimes, you have to think outside the box to find props.

I also got this shelf from a thrift store. It was my last purchase, but it took me a while to find one the right size. Can you see my little Daryl Dixon on the picture? 🙂

booth display

The tags you see on all these pictures are wood tags I found at Jo-Ann using, again, my coupons. I also bought some chalkboard tape to write the prices on it, this will allow me to re-use the tags again.

All of this didn’t cost me a lot of money, and it did make a difference in the way people looked at my booth. I can use all these props again for other fairs regardless of the season. I had a wonderful time the last two days, i wish I could do this more often, I love interacting with people and talk about my craft.

– The bear, koala and panda were made using a pattern by Stephanie, from All About Ami. The little Christmas trees are patterns by The Lazy Hobbyhopper. You can find  more information on these cuties in a post I made recently, untitled Panda Ornaments and Christmas Trees.

– The little donuts were made using a pattern by Joanita, from Creative Crochet Workshop.


2 Responses to "Craft fair – booth ideas/part 2"

I want an owl and a Christmas tree!! Actually, I want everything on your table.

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