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Craft fair – booth ideas/part I

Posted on: October 18, 2014

I haven’t blogged in a while, time flies by so quickly, and I have been very busy crocheting items for the two fairs I will be attending in November and December. I have been selling at fairs for the last two years now, and every time I prepare for an event I focus mostly on what I am going to sell, and almost next to nothing on presentation. I used to think that if a product looks good enough it would sell itself, and my goal was to earn money, not spend it on expensive props. What I realized is that my lack of presentation cost me some opportunities, some people will pass by your table without a glance if it nothing draw their attention. What they see first is not what you sell, but how you present it, and what I had was just a tablecloth with my items displayed randomly.

fair booth

Not exactly the best looking booth on the planet!

I am going to do things differently this time, I went online to look for ideas to doll up my booth. Here are the ones I like the most, they are simple and easy props, and most importantly they don’t cost a lot of money.

If you use a folding plastic table like the one I have, a tablecloth is definitely a must. I do not like fabric with patterns, I used one last year and it made my table look too busy. I love this simple layout and neutral tones of these two tables. I will probably try burlap depending on what bargain I can find.

Linda Taylor Designs table booth

Linda Taylor Designs table booth


Stone House Studio booth table, Artisan Fair

I will definitely use a small shelf to display my dolls. Since I do not want to spend a lot of money, I will either find one at a thrift store, or take a trip to home depot and make it myself. Here is one from Gingercake booth. The shelf really makes her cute items stand out.

GIngercake booth presentation

GIngercake booth presentation

Pedestals are a great way to make your favorite items stand out. I found this DIY easy tutorial that only requires pieces of wood, some glue, and paint. I am not going to paint them though, I decided to go with a rustic look.

DIY pedestals, by Landeelu.

DIY pedestals, by Landeelu.

I am also thinking about making a stair display similar to this one, but without the paper. This is also an easy DIY yourself project that cost less than buying one already built.

Stand display

Stand display, tutorial by Mod Podge Rocks

I saw this on Pinterest and immediately thought about using the idea to make my price tags. It’s a DIY tutorial that is very easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of materials. Wood, clothespins, chalkboard paper and some glue. It’s really cute and creative.

DIY pricetag tutorial, by Goin' Over the Edge.

DIY pricetag tutorial, by Goin’ Over the Edge.

I also like these chalkboard signs made with a frame and candle holders. I might make one for a sale or a small announcement. This is also a DIY tutorial, all the materials (except for the chalkboard paint) come from the dollar store, so this is definitely cheap.


DIY signs, by Sarah, Sarah with an H blog.

I used to display my business cards by simply putting a stack on my table. What I found out is that people won’t see them if you have a lot of things on your table. This is a great way to bring attention to your business cards, I think I am going to make something in that context and get creative with Photoshop.

Business card holder, by Jody, flickr.

Business card holder, by Jody, flickr.

Now I just need to make a list of all the things I need. This is going to be as much fun as crocheting my items for the fair! I will come back with part 2 of this post once I have everything ready for my booth.


6 Responses to "Craft fair – booth ideas/part I"

Thanks ! That is very useful info. I am planning to participate in a community fair and this info is handy 🙂

I am glad you find it helpful, I was hoping that sharing my experience would be useful for others 🙂

Great ideas ~ I really like the business card holder & the bookcase ideas 🙂 Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. For the first time, I am contributing some items to our knitting/crochet group’s Christmas fair next week and am all fired up. This info is very useful.

You’re welcome, and I wish you the best! Fairs are a lot of fun, being a vendor is an exciting venture.

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