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Another tiramisu blanket

Posted on: August 5, 2014

Looks like I am not done with baby blankets yet. As soon as I finished my first one, see Airplane Tiramisu Blanket, I got another request for another Tiramisu blanket but with different colors and applique. This time, I made it in pink, blue and purple with an elephant applique. I turned out really cute.

Tiramisu blanket

I created my own pattern for the elephant, I will post it really soon if anybody is interested. It is quite easy to make! I added a flower to make it look more girly since the blanket is for a little baby girl.

Elephant applique


Of course, this would not have been possible without the help of Zoey, my assistant, who supervised every row, checked out loose threads, helped me unroll the yarn, and tested the ribbon for its sturdiness… She is working way too much!

Zoey at work

Now I need to make another one for my sister, with a teddy bear applique. Better get back to it! I will upload the elephant applique pattern very soon, in the mean time, happy crocheting!


5 Responses to "Another tiramisu blanket"

Oh my gosh the elephant is so CUTE! Please do share 🙂

Thank you! I will, Ill probably put it up tomorrow or in a couple of days, when I have some spare time on my schedule 🙂

So cute! Where can I find the pattern for the elephant?

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