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Tiramisu baby blanket

Posted on: June 27, 2014

I have never made a blanket before, or anything remotely close to it. When I started crochet I went straight to amigurumi, which is still my speciality and what I like to do best. But when I had to figure out what to make for my friend’s baby shower I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. I went on Ravelry to fish for ideas and stumbled upon a pattern I fell in love with, the Tiramisu Baby Blanket, by Alicia Paulson. It’s a great base for a blanket, especially if you are a beginner because the pattern is simple and easy to follow.

I decided to make mine in vintage colors, using magnolia color for the base, soft blue and light brown for the edging. Since the blanket is for a baby boy, and because the theme of his room revolves around aviation I added a plane applique. You can find the pattern for my applique on a previous post: Airplane Applique Pattern.

Tiramisu blanket I made, pattern by Alicia Paulson.

Tiramisu blanket I made, pattern by Alicia Paulson.

I found the yarn at Hobby Lobby, a brand I had never used before, Crafter’s Secret. I couldn’t get the gauge to be the same as indicated in the pattern, so I added more stitches to the chain (120 instead of 90). It does take some patience when you are not used to that kind of work, especially because it’s repetitive, but I took on this project while watching TV, it helped!

Very easy blanket to make for beginners

I didn’t make the border exactly the same as the pattern, instead of just one row of sc, I added  a row of half double crochet before and after the row that holds the ribbon,  using different colors. You can really play with the edging and be creative.

Tiramisu blanket

The final size of the blanket is 32 x 32 inches

I used a white ribbon, 3/8 inches wide. The pattern calls for 5 inch but I found it easier to insert a smaller one that wouldn’t fold. I am really happy with my first blanket, this pattern is ideal if you are new to that type of work, or just started crochet.

Happy crocheting!

7 Responses to "Tiramisu baby blanket"

You did a beautiful job! Love the added airplane appliqué!

[…] like I am not done with baby blankets yet. as soon as I finished my first one, see Airplane Tiramisu Blanket, I got another request for another Tiramisu blanket but with different colors and applique. This […]

What kind of yarn did you use?

I used “I love This Yarn”, which I purchased at Hobby Lobby. It’s a 4/medium worsted yarn.

I want to make my blanket bigger like you did. How many rows did you create if you started with a 120 chain?

Hi Nicole! I didn’t the make the blanket bigger actually, I had to add stitches to get the same gauge she did, or I would have ended up with a smaller blanket. 🙂

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