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Mother’s day crochet ideas

Posted on: April 16, 2014

Mother’s day is coming soon, so I thought I would gather some cool free patterns I found online that would make a great gift idea if you are looking for something special to make yourself. Handmade gift are always the best! I haven’t tried any of these patterns, but they look really cool. So, in no particular order:

First pattern is a really pretty handbag, made by Grace Anne, from WouldYouLikeYarnWithThat blog. I love the ruffles, and the little flower on the side.

Bella Ruffled Bag, by Grace Anne

If you are really crafty, and have the time to make a cardigan, then I would recommend this really pretty filigree cardigan, by Vogue Knitting International. You have to register to the site to access the pattern, but it’s free.

Crocheted Filigree Cardigan, by Vogue Knitting

For something that doesn’t take too much time, here is a really cute pattern to make fruit coasters, by Sarah, from Repeat Crafter Me. Includes an apple, strawberry, Watermelon, Orange and pear.

Fruit Coasters Pattern, by Sarah – RepeatCrafterMe

Flowers! You can never exclude a bouquet of flowers for mother’s day, there are a lot of free patterns available, but here is my favorite one. It’s also from Sarah-Repeat Crafter Me.

Crochet Flowers Bouquet, by Sarah – RepeatCrafterMe

How about some  slippers? I found a really cute pattern on Ravelry, Mother’s Day SPA’s Slippers, by Annoo’s Crochet. They are really pretty, size is 7-8 adult woman.

Mother’s Day SPA Slippers, by Annoo’s Croh

I also love this pattern for a tea cosy, also found on Ravelry. It is called Dailily Tea Cosy, by Jenny Stacey, and it can fit a 2 cups tea pot or a vase.

Dailily Tea Cosy, by Jenny Stacey

This very pretty Winding Lace Bracelet comes with a video tutorial. The pattern is created by Sue, from Mr Micawber’s Recipe For Happiness.

WInding Lane Bracelet, by Sue – Mr Micawber’s Recipe for Happiness

Last but not least, here is a last minute idea. If you run out of time but would like to make something really cute for your mum, here is a very pretty brooch that takes no time at all. The pattern is called Ruffle Rosie Brooch, from Would You Like Yarn With That, created by Grace Ann (who also created the purse I also mentioned on the list).

Ruffle Flower Brooch, by Grace Ann

Do you like these patterns? I am still pondering about which one I want to try, they all look so pretty and fun to make.

Happy crocheting!


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