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How to change yarn color

Posted on: April 8, 2014

When I write amigurumi patterns, I always assume people know how to change color, so I only tell them what row they are supposed to do it, but not how. That inspired me to post this tutorial for crochet beginners who would like to learn how to do it. I hope this tutorial is comprehensive, I put a lot of pictures to help you understand the process.

Assuming that you have to change yarn color for the next row, you will then do it while working on the last stitch of the previous row (amigurumi rounds are worked in spirals). In this case, we are doing it with single crochet stitches.

– Insert your hook in the stitch, wrap your yarn over it, then pull it through both loops of the stitch. You have now 2 loops on your crochet hook.

color tutorial1

– Grab the yarn you want to change color with, fold it into a loop, and wrap it over your hook to draw through the 2 remaining loops in your round.

Color Tutorial 2

– Now you can cut the yarn you won’t be using anymore, but leave a long tail of strand (you are going to hide it within your next crochet stitches).

Color Tutorial 3

– Insert your crochet into the next stitch, and make a single crochet with your yarn over the two loose strands.

Color Tutorial 4

Color Tutorial 5

Color Tutorial 6

– Once your loose strands are secured, just continue working your round normally. Another way would be to embroider the strands with a yarn needle after you finish your round, but I like doing it this way better.

Color Tutorial 7

Voila! I hope you found this tutorial useful, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment.

Happy crocheting!

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Very clear and helpful tutorial on changing yarn colour!

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