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The three odd items in my craft box

Posted on: February 12, 2014

My craft storage box looks like I have dumped the content of my bathroom in it, and friends often ask me why I have hairspray, makeup, and a pet brush amongst all the other odds things I use for my craft. Well, I do not brush my dog, fix my hair or put on makeup while I crochet, but I use these items often to work on my dolls.

Pet brush, eyeshadow, and hairspray

Pet brush, eyeshadow, and hairspray

The pet brush
I use this tool to brush the yarn when I need my plush to look fuzzy and fluffy. It’s better to use a wire brush for a better effect, simply brush the yarn in different directions until you get the effect wanted. Here I used a ball as a dummy to show you the result:


I added the eyes afterward, a little fuzzy ball dude!

You could use this method to  make a yeti, or a fuzzy spider for example.

I buy the makeup at the dollar store. Palette of eyeshadows with a variety of colors, and blush. I mostly use it to make pink cheeks, or to accentuate the eyes. On occasion I put black eyeshadow under the safety eyes to give the amigurumi a dramatic look. Simply tap gently with a small brush on the area you want to cover, and if you feel you have put a bit too much, you can always remove the extra powder by dabbing with a dry piece of tissue or cloth. Here is an example with a white ball dummy:

pink cheeks can really give some life to your amigurumi

pink cheeks can really give some life to your amigurumi

You can really play around with a palette, for instance using red or green if you make a zombie.

It’s funny because I never use hairspray on my hair, and my hairdresser always shakes her head when I tell her what I do with the samples she gives me to try at home. I style my dolls *hair to keep them together, or like in the example below, make them stand up. I use a chemical-free organic hairspray, but you can also use eco-friendly spray starch. Just spray generously and style the bundle of yarn in the shape you want it to be, then let it dry:


Interesting hairstyle, isn’t it?

You can repeat the process if necessary. In this example, I held the hair together for a minute while drying.

Voila! This sums up the purpose of these odd items. Now the question is, what am I going to do with these three stooges?

The dummies, always at your service!

The dummies, always at your service!

*If you want to learn how to make hair, check out my 4 ways to make doll hair tutorial.


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