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Can you machine wash your amigurumi dolls?

Posted on: January 22, 2014

Not long ago a lady asked me if it was possible to machine wash and dry amigurumi dolls. I have never tried to wash in the machine, but I have been told that it is possible if the yarn used is acrylic and not wool. It also depends on the kind of stuffing you use, but regular poly-fil from the craft store should be washable.

Since I have never done it, I am going to put this theory to practice, and sacrifice one of my dolls for this experiment (they could use a bath anyway). I picked my little monkey he’s the stinkiest of all of them, and well.. because he’s a monkey!

amigurumi monkey

The method is to put the plush in a towel, pillow case, or any piece of fabric that can protect the yarn from felting or being exposed, and set the machine to gentle wash, cold. Then you can air dry it, or if you put it in the dryer, again at the lowest setting.

I put the monkey in a piece of fabric that I wrapped with a hair tie.

I put the monkey in a piece of fabric that I wrapped with a hair tie.

I made sure to tie the bag really tight, just in case.

Does this look like animal cruelty to you?

Does this look like animal cruelty to you?

Then hop, in the washing machine at cold/gentle settings. I did put a tiny bit of detergent in the machine, just for some extra cleanliness. If my monkey dies, at list he will smell good.

amigurumi washing

Half an hour later, the moment of truth…

Still in one piece!

Still in one piece!

The monkey came out fine, it didn’t shrink, didn’t deform into a strange shape, it is just a little bit damp! I could just let it air dry, but since this is an experiment, I am going to put it back in its bag and  in the dryer, with settings on delicate for 30 minutes.

Sparkly clean!

Still in one piece after putting it in the dryer, and sparkly clean!

So it is safe to say that you can wash your acrylic amigurumi plushes in the washing machine and dryer, as long as the settings are set on cold and gentle wash.

But I am not quite done yet!  I decided to repeat this experiment with a dummy I used for one of my tutorials. This dummy has goggly eyes and hair. I wanted to see if the eyes would stick (they are glued to the face), and if the hair would stay in place.

Everything is still in place after the wash

Everything is still in place after the wash.

No problem here either, now I am really sold. I want to thank my little plush monkey for letting me use it for this experiment, I would have been very sad if anything had happen to it. As for the dummy, well, he’s just a dummy!

I hope your find this post useful! If you have any questions or suggestions for washing, don’t hesitate to comment.

Happy crocheting… and washing!


7 Responses to "Can you machine wash your amigurumi dolls?"

Did it make the doll a lot softer?

I didn’t see any difference beside being cleaner. Might depend on the type of yarn you use? I mostly use acrylic yarn for my projects, so they do not become softer, not really.

What glue do you use? I have always been concerned because of the glued details.

What about a crochet doll that has been stuffed with cotton stuffing?

Thank you so much for this information!!!

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