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A home for Christmas

Posted on: December 21, 2013

Even though this blog is about craft and crochet, I decided to make an exception this time to talk about Bethany, a dog that was brought to my attention about 6 months ago after I saw a video of her amazing rescue on Facebook. You couldn’t tell today that this beautiful dog was once homeless and near death, when she lived in the streets of L.A. , eaten by mange and infection. She is barely recognizable today, and it’s all due to all the hard work of people dedicated to save the life of abandoned animals, in this case a team effort by Hope For Paws and Bill Foundation.

Bethany before and after

Bethany before and after

The reason I am writing this blog is that in spite of all her story going viral, Bethany is still looking for a home. She is been in foster care for many months, and the foundation is trying to push forward to get her to find her forever home for Christmas.

Bethany’s rescue video:

A home for Christmas:
According to Edgar Eldad, she is now “totally healthy, loves dogs, loves babies (human babies), loves to play”. If you are interested in adopting Bethany,  you can fill up an application at:  Bill Foundation web site application form (even though the application form implies that you have to live around the L.A. area, it is not the case. They will accept any request from out of state). If  you know anybody that would be interested, or if you could share this entry to pass the word around, it would very helpful!

Bethany as a happy dog

Bethany as a happy dog, all she’s missing is a forever home!

Thank you, and happy holidays!


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