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At the fair

Posted on: December 6, 2013

I have been away from the internet, and my blog for the past two weeks because I was getting ready for an annual fair. This is my third time attending this event, and it is always a lot of fun in spite of the weather that isn’t always the best at this time of the year. This time I was lucky, it was a beautiful sunny day, and I didn’t have to worry about  my dolls flying off their shelves with the wind!

Even though I don’t participate in a lot of fairs, I do love meeting people and talk to them about my work. I sell my creations but really, I rather call it an adoption event, I find a home for my plushes and dolls. Half of them are gone, which is a good thing because I am running out of space at home to store them.

Little jointed bears, kitty, monkey and wabbit

Little jointed bears, kitty, monkey and wabbit

I love going to fairs, you get to meet people and talk with them about your work. It’s the most fun way to sell your creations, you can socialize with them which makes it more personal than selling online.

Little crocheted figurines

Little crocheted figurines

I brought most of my congregation, from bears to dolls, figurines, crocheted plants, small animals, left over from Halloween I put on clearance.. etc. I usually make Christmas ornaments for the fair, but not this year. I already had so much to carry with me, and I have been so busy that I decided to go without any.

Little owl found a spot to rest

One of my little owls found a new home

One of the vendors bought one my little owls, it spent the day resting on one of her wood boxes. It looked like it belonged there, so I took a photo.

I can’t wait for the next fair, even though it won’t be until next May. It is so much fun, I think I could do this everyday.


2 Responses to "At the fair"

All of them look so adorable! I love that little owl 🙂

Thank you! I had a hard time parting with the owl, but then again I get attached to all my dolls! lol

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