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Felt Rose Tutorial

Posted on: October 21, 2013

Here is a very easy tutorial to make a cute little rose. I use this kind of flower as a hair accessory for my amigurumi dolls, or plushes, but you can use it for any kind of craft projects that requires a flower.

What you need:
– 3 pieces of felt (colors of your choice, I used purple and pink for the petals, green for the leaves)
– glue gun, or fabric glue
– scissors

1. Cut two bands of the same length, 9.5 x 1.5 inch (your rose will be about 1.5″ in diameter).

2. Cut the two bands into arches as shown below:

3. Glue the two bands together, alternating the arches. Only glue the bottom part of the felt, as shown with the arrows. Do not glue the leaves.

4. Start rolling the band and glue the bottom part as you go along.

5. Start Pulling the petals outward one at a time, until you get the shape of a rose. You can squeeze it to flatten it a bit afterward. You can also cut the edges of the petals a bit if they need reshaping.

6. Cut 2 pieces of green felt in the shape of a leave, and glue them underneath the rose. You rose is done!

You can choose to make them at different sizes, use just one piece of felt instead of two different colors.  You can also cut your felt in the shape of triangles instead of arches if you want to make a different type of flower. Have fun with it!

I hope you find this tutorial useful, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


2 Responses to "Felt Rose Tutorial"

A great tutorial! I give it a try, but first I need to find matching colors of felt.

I am glad you like it! You can always use just one piece of felt, just one color. It works as well 🙂

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