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Little Miss Funny, by Denizmum on ETSY

Posted on: October 14, 2013

Not long ago I stumbled upon this really interesting crocheted character called Miss Funny! It is a pattern created by Ulku Akcam, who has a pattern shop on ETSY called Denizmum. What I really like about Miss Funny is her face unique features, and her big blue eyes. She can smile, stick her tongue out, be mischievous, but not matter the expression, she look adorable.

Miss Funny, by Ulka Akcam

The finished doll is 14.5 inches tall. She is jointed at the neck, arms and legs.  You can turn her nose into a tongue by switching it into the mouth.  How creative is that?

Miss Funny, by Ulka Akcam, sticking her tongue out

Let’s face it, she would be hired on the spot in a casting call! Miss funny goes to Hollywood. I can imagine how fun it would be for a kid to play with this doll.

Miss Funny’s face expressions.

Miss Funny pattern is available on Ulku’s ETSY shop:  5 Ways Jointed Miss Funny Pattern. The pattern contains over 50 photos, and the finished doll is 14.5 inches tall.

About Ulku Akcam:
Ulku Akcam is a talented knitter and crocheter from Istanbul, Turkey. She has been an avid crafter over the past five years, and sells amigurumi as well as doll outfits patterns on ETSY. Right now you can buy 4 patterns, and get one free. Check out her work, everything she makes is very cute!


3 Responses to "Little Miss Funny, by Denizmum on ETSY"

Brilliant. Textural. You cannot separate the art from the artist…

Adorable! I’ve never seen anything crocheted like this before.

Just incredible!

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