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Long-Neck dinosaur, pattern by DIY Magpie

Posted on: October 8, 2013

I have a little nephew who is obsessed with dinosaurs. When my sister came to visit during summer, I asked him if he wanted me to make him one in crochet. He said yes, but at one condition, he wanted to pick the yarn himself at the store. That was a condition that I couldn’t refuse, but before we headed to the store, we browsed through patterns on the web, and he fell in love with this one, that can be found at  The DIY Magpie – Long-Neck dinosaur pattern.  It’s a free pattern, and it is very cute!

We headed to the craft store, where he picked a very interesting color, bright green! Why not? He also opted for goggly eyes instead of the safety ones, because “they are more fun, and they jiggle”.

Here is my nephew little long-neck dinosaur, with its bright green coat, and a little ribbon because a dinosaur needs to look presentable:

Long-Neck Dinosaur, pattern by The DIY Magpie

Long-Neck Dinosaur I made for my nephew, pattern by The DIY Magpie.

Lilou was very happy with his new toy, but told me that it wasn’t a long-neck dinosaur but a Tyrannosaurus Rex…. Pardon  me sir, Paleontologist! 😉

Lilou and his new best friend

Lilou and his new best friend

I really recommend this pattern, it is easy to understand, easy to make, and it will make a child very happy, ask my nephew the paleontologist! 🙂

Happy crocheting!


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