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A picture can speak a thousand strands of yarn

Posted on: September 27, 2013

I love my craft, and I love what I do. So when I take photos of my crochet creations, I would like them to look as good as I see them with my own eyes. Unfortunately, photography can be really tricky if you don’t have a good camera. Since I opened my shop on ETSY, I have been taking photos with my cheap camera, which in spite of its 12 megapixels/4x zoom claim has been nothing but a nightmare to work with. I can never get the photos to look as decent as they should be. Details are blurry, light is wrong etc..  Adding that I am not an expert in photography, but just a humble little crafter that knows more about yarn than the science of images!

Not being able to take good photos can hurt your craft, especially if you sell them online. Bottom line is, no matter how cute your doll or plush look, if the photo is bad, nobody will want it! So today I had a talk with my camera, said that I appreciate its service for the last two years, that it did its best, but that it’s time to retire. I haven’t bought a camera yet, but I have borrowed a friend’s Canon EOS 20D to do some tests, and see the difference between mine and hers (beside the fact that mine is cheaper). This was  just a quick test with my pumpkin monster, and I am speechless! There is no going back:

Photo taken with my cheapy old camera

Photo taken with my cheapy old camera

Quick test with Canon EOS 20D

Quick test with Canon EOS 20D

I think the photos speak for themselves. So now I am going to spend my entire weekend just revamping all the photos on my ETSY shop… 118 shots to take, then edit. This is going to be fun! I am truly thrilled about revamping my listings with better pictures, I truly hope that it will make a difference, and that it will allow me to showcase my craft in a better light!

Someone should have warned me that crafting was only 20% of the job when I got into this!


5 Responses to "A picture can speak a thousand strands of yarn"

The bottom one wins! Please let me know what you figure out for cameras, it would be fun to have a real camera for my upcoming European tour 🙂
p.s. Just switched browsers – commenting works on an iPad using Chrome.

I have been playing with the settings so much all day long that my head is spinning lol. I want to buy a Canon though, that’s how much I know. I am thinking about getting the EOS Rebel because I cannot go above the price of $500. I think the key to good photos is too really understand the settings and how it works. I had to read the manual and try every option under the sun to figure out what worked best for my dolls. It’s exhausting lol

Your little guy is so adorable!!

Thank you! he’s a pumpkin monster but a nice one 🙂

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