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Disc Jointed Dolls and Plushies

Posted on: September 21, 2013

Jointed amigurumi dolls are crocheted dolls, or plushies with fully movable arms, legs and head. There are made with disc joints that are pinned in the extremity of each part. There are different kind of joints: the plastic disc joint which come in three parts (the disk, washer, and safety washer).  The cotter disc joint, also in three parts (the hardboard disc, washer, and split pin).  Some discs come with a metal nut and bolt.

The ones that I have are plastic, I bought them on ETSY. I will admit that they are hard to pin, but once they are in place, there is no worry that your disc will get loose!


The 3 parts that make a doll joint

It’s better to pin before you finish stuffing any parts. For instance, if I work on a head, and body, I start on working on the body before I finish the head in order to pin them together. Same with the arms and legs. (If you work with this kind of plastic pins).

You put the pin in one part, and the washer in the other

You put the pin in one part, and the washer in the other

Then you put the safety washer and pin it together

Then you put the safety washer and pin it together

The two parts joined together.

The two parts joined together

I haven’t tried the metal joints yet, but I have a feeling it might be easier to work with them than the plastic ones. There are other alternatives to join dolls, such as thread, buttons, or safety eyes. I am not a fan of threaded joints, it didn’t feel secure enough to me. I haven’t tried the option with the buttons, but I like the safety eyes, I used the on several occasions and they are easy to work with. Just pick ones that are big enough for the job.

As for the size of the doll joints, it will depend on your doll. Here is a size chart:

20 mm joints – amigurumi under 9 inches (22.5 cm) tall
30 mm joints – amigurumi around 10 inches (25 cm) tall
35 mm joints – amigurumi around 13 inches (3.30 cm) tall
45 mm joints – amigurumi around 16 inches (40 cm) tall
65 mm joints – amigurumi around 20 inches (50 cm) tall

If you are interested in working with joint crocheted dolls, there are a lot of cute patterns available on ETSY. I wanted to link the one I bought last year, a really cute vintage jointed bear, but unfortunately the lady (Bluebeary Treasures) retired and is no longer selling patterns. I made two bears with it, I used her pattern as a base, and took off on my own from there.

I used different set of eyes, different colors and accessories.

I used different sets of eyes, different colors and some accessories (Pattern by Bluebeary Treasures)

What I love about jointed amigurumi dolls is the fact that you can give them a pose. You can move their head from side to side, have their arms up and down, or have them sit or stand. It really gives your doll some personality!

Jointed bunny by Missdolkapots.

Jointed bunny by Missdolkapots. The joints allow this bunny to look very expressive

Whether you use plastic joints, or metal, thread, buttons, or safety eyes, the best thing to do is to try different options,  find out which one work the best for you. I intend to try cotter disc joints next to see if I like them better than the plastic ones, so I will probably make another post on the subject in the near future.

I hope you have found this post helpful and informative. In the mean time, Happy crocheting!


3 Responses to "Disc Jointed Dolls and Plushies"

Your creations are adorable, and your photography isn’t all that bad. It’s quite good, actually. Although, the new Canon Camera DOES make a difference. I have the T2i. It’s old, but I love it.
I was wondering if you would mind telling me where I can get the doll/teddy joints? I’m just starting my 3rd year of crochet, and find myself liking the Amigurumi toys. In fact I just purchased your Little Miss Funny pattern. I cannot seem to find the smaller joints for the things I want to make jointed. I just learned how to do the button joint, but would much rather have the real thing. I can only seem to find the 20mm – 55mm sizes.
It’s funny, that I found you by a Google search this time, and didn’t realize you are the one who designed the Little Miss Funny adorable creature. You’re pretty amazing.
You can find my few crochet pieces on FaceBook by typing in my name, Lee Schlatter, in the people search area, I think. My very limited pieces are in the Needle art folder. I copied and pasted the URL from my page on FaceBook. I don’t know if that will work.
Thank you, in advance, for any help you can offer. I just don’t know how to search for the disc joints in the small sizes.


Hi Lee! Thank you! First, let me say that I did not design the Miss Funny. Every once in a while I like to highlight other people’s work that I admire. Her name is Ulku Akcam, she is from Istanbul. What size does she require for the joint? Did you try to message her on ETSY where you purchased the pattern? Let me know! Sonia 🙂

Thank you, I will check it out. I realized my confusion, after I posted my letter to you. But, I still like your work. I will ask Ulku Akcam as to where to get the eyes for Miss Funny.
Thank you for your help.

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