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Hand carved crochet hooks, by Heaven Spun Creations

Posted on: September 9, 2013

The artist I am featuring today makes handmade accessories. Her name is Joanne, and she runs a shop on ETSY called Heaven Spun Creations. She makes hand made crochet hooks out of tree branches from the land of British Columbia. They are unique and beautifully crafted, this is one of the kind accessory for any crochet lover.

6.5mm crochet hook – Heaven Spun Creations

I wanted to know more about her craft, so I asked Joanne a few questions about her inspiration and the process of carving these hooks:

– When did you start carving crochet hooks?
Carving is a more recent venture of mine. I carved my first crochet hook just this past spring. The first few hooks that I listed online sold within 6 hours of posting. I haven’t turned back since. It is so much fun to know something that I have created is being sent all around the world!

7mm exotic wood crochet hook – Heaven Spun Creations

– Can you tell us a little bit about the process?
The most time consuming, yet most interesting, part of the process is hunting for and collecting beautiful and interesting tree branches. I then cut the branches to length in order to begin whittling the working end of the crochet hook to size. Careful work is then done to carve the actual hook on the branch. As a crocheter myself, I know how important it is to have a smooth glide to my yarn, so a lot of time and effort is spent sanding. I’m amazed at how smooth the hook ends become. My boys always love to touch the hooks at this point because they too are astounded at the transformation of the wood. The final phase of the project is putting a good natural protective coating on the hooks. So much work is put into making just one of these hooks that it is important to seal and protect the wood. I’d recommend wiping a little coconut oil on wooden crochet hooks once a year to keep them in tip top shape.

5.5mm apple wood crochet hook – Heaven Spun Creations

– Do you use different kinds of wood?
Yes, I love to use all different varieties of wood for my hooks. Fruit tree wood such as apple and cherry make extremely hard and sturdy hooks. I’ve made a few driftwood hooks as well. I’d have to say that currently my favourite wood to work with is arbutus wood. It is EXTREMELY hard and has gorgeous colour to the bark. I’m sure I’ll have more favourites to come. I have some Black Oak that I’m itching to get at.

4mm apple wood crochet hook – Heaven Spun Creations

– Are they easy to handle?
Absolutely. I LOVE my hand carved hooks. They are light weight and durable. I find the handles are often larger then metal or plastic hooks, which is easier on the crocheting hand. Wood also warms up nicely to the touch. Metal hooks tend to get cold and uncomfortable in the winter.

– Do you take custom orders if someone want a specific size?
Yes, I do custom orders all the time. I want happy satisfied customers.

You can visit Joanne’s shop at Heaven Spun Creations. She also sell hand spun yarn, and beautiful felted necklaces amongst other things!

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That crochet hook looks pretty damn stunning. Wow!

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