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Cool and unusual crochet

Posted on: August 28, 2013

Crochet is a very creative craft, you can make about anything with a hook, and some yarn. Blankets, scarves, hats, dolls and soft toys, it seems like the sky is the limit. Some have taken their talent to a new level, and have proven that you can really make anything with a crochet hook. Here are a few examples:

Cauliflowers and broccoli by Jung Jung

Cauliflowers and broccoli by Jung Jung

Jung Jung is a crochet artist from Japan who make incredibly realistic vegetables, and all kind of edible. Her attention to detail is amazing.

Crocheted dwarf head piece by SadDaysCrochet

Crocheted dwarf head piece by SadDaysCrochet

SadDaysCrochet, from DeviantArt made this Dwarf helmet, inspired by Gimli in Lords of the Ring movie.  This would be a fun costume to wear at a party, or Comicon!

Crochet deer head by Manafka Mina

Crochet deer head by Manafka Mina

I am not a fan of hunting or taxidermy, but this is a great compromise! This cute deer head wall mount was crocheted by Manafka Mina on ETSY Check out her shop!

Crocheted sneakers, by Schyrk

Crocheted sneakers, by Schyrk

These crocheted sneakers look like the real thing, and the pattern is available for free. Created by Schyrk on Ravelry.

Bookmark snakes by Svetlana Zabelina

Snakes bookmarks by Svetlana Zabelina

These bookmarks were created by Svetlana Zabelina last year to commemorate the Chinese year of the snake. The pattern is available on LittleOwlsHut.com.

Yarn bombing by Olek

Yarn bombing by Olek

Have you ever heard of yarn bombing? it’s the equivalent of street art graffiti but with yarn. These artists cover about anything, trees, cars, walls. Here is the work of  Olek, who spent one cold winter night covering the Wall street’s bull sculpture.

Creativity has no limit, and neither does crochet!

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