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Suzette, the French Maid / Kokeshi dolls

Posted on: August 23, 2013

Introducing Suzette, the cute little French Maid, and the best housekeeper in the world! She is the new addition to my Kokeshi dolls collection.  I started making them last year, drawing my inspiration from Kokeshi dolls.  Originally, they are traditional figurines made of wood that have no arms and no legs.  the shape is determined by the face, and trunk of the body.


Mine are made in crochet of course, but they do not look traditional. I decided to have fun with it, and go with different types of characters. Here are a series from my collection, I call them The Dolkapots:


The cultural set: Here is a Native american, her outfit was made with felt. The Japanese doll is actually featured in a magazine called CraftSeller this month,  I still need to get my hand on the magazine. My next doll will be from Mexico, with a big mustache and a big sombrero!


The little dancers: The Tahitian girl was inspired by the brief Tahitian classes I took two years ago. it’s easier to crochet a dancer than being one! The ballerina was a custom request from a friend during Christmas. The skirt is made with tulle.


Do not be afraid of stereotypes! Gaston the Frenchy just needs a baguette and a bottle of wine to complete the set! I had a lot of fun making the bride and groom, especially the bride. I used some lace ribbon to make the dress, and some tulle to cover the hair. You can see that she is wearing a little pearl necklace, but they are not real.



The Halloween set: Oh did I had fun with these dolls! I love Halloween, monsters and creepy little things, especially when they are cute!  I am thinking about adding a witch, and a ghost to the set this year.


The Victorian lady is probably my favorite one. It also took the longest to make because it has a lot of details. I love everything Victorian, and I think my next one in that category will be a Steampunk doll. The little bunny was made for Easter, but I am going to add more animal costumes to the set. The next one will be a doll in a panda costume, then a bear, a monkey, and a mouse… I would probably add the entire animal kingdom if I could.

Next Kokeshi inspired dolls on my to do list, beside what I have already mentioned: a librarian, a punk, and a cowboy . Any ideas? Let me know if there anything I could add to the list!


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