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Pomp-a-Poodle, pattern by Nancy Anderson

Posted on: August 16, 2013

This is an awesome crochet pattern I found online when I was looking for something cute to crochet for a friend’s daughter. It’s a French poodle with pink pompons, and it’s beyond adorable.

The level is intermediate. I was a beginner when I made mine, but it helped me learn new techniques and improve my skills. The file is downloadable as a PDF, and it’s free! There is even a video on the page that explains how it is done. I think this is a great pattern if you’re looking for something to make for a little girl: Pomp_A-Poodle Crochet Pattern

The PDF file is well written, the plush is worked in round and single crochet. I made mine black and white, and I inserted safety eyes instead of the buttons. It took me some time to make it, but the effort was worth it!

Here is mine. If you have an acute eye, you will notice that I crocheted it inside out, I didn’t know which was the right side at the time. Oh well! live and learn, it still came out really cute.

My Pomp-A-Poodle

My Pomp-A-Poodle

I made this 3 years ago, and the little girl still has that poodle, it’s her favorite toy! She calls it “Mademoiselle”, which is the French word for “Miss”.  The best gifts are the one you make with your own hands, and this pattern is definitely one I recommend if you like to crochet!

Happy crocheting!


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