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New adventures in crochet and dog rescue

Posted on: July 29, 2013

I love animals, and I care a lot about their well being. Crochet has given me an opportunity to give a small contribution to animal rescues, such as the pattern I created for the organization Hope for Paws. See my post: A crochet pattern for a good cause. I was able to raise a little bit of money to donate, thanks to the people who bought the pattern so far, or asked me to make the finish item for them.

Today I was given another opportunity to contribute. I am going to make a crocheted dog for an organization called The Dawg Squad. The little dog I am going to make is their logo, and It’s going to be a raffle prize for their annual fundraiser:

The Dawg Squad Logo

The fundraising event is called Bowling for Paws, and it is going to take place on September 29th, in Los Angeles. This look like a fun event, and if you live in the area, and like bowling, this is definitely something to check out. Click here for more information.

I cannot wait to start, this is going to be a fun project!





4 Responses to "New adventures in crochet and dog rescue"

You are such a sweetheart for doing this! The doggies and their caregivers all THANK YOU!

It’s going to be a lot of fun for me to work on this project, thank you for giving me this opportunity to contribute to a cause I care a lot about! 🙂

Thank you so much for helping us with our fundraiser!

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