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Ziggy played guitar – Part I

Posted on: July 9, 2013

I have been a big fan of David Bowie since I can remember. It was my introduction to rock, and my farewell to children songs. I grew up listening to Space Oddity, Rebel Rebel, Diamond Dogs etc… I love music as much as I love craft, so of course I had to make a doll of my hero, Ziggy Stardust! This is probably my favorite project, I had a lot of fun with it!

Ziggy Stardust

First I had to figure out what costume I was going to make, Ziggy had a lot of them. I mixed and matched different styles of outfits he used on stage, his famous red platform boots, and the Aladdin Sane trademark that marked the end of the Ziggy Stardust era. I used felt for the lightning bolt, and a little blush for the cheeks. The hardest part was the hair, because I am not a hairstylist. I cut away hoping it would turn out alright.. snip! snip! I think I am ready to open a Hair salon for rock stars.

I called this Part I, because I am currently working on another Ziggy doll, but with a different makeup (this stage look),  and outfit (this sparkly costume), jewelry included. I am keeping the red boots, because I love them so much! Oh, and spiders! Yes, itsy bitsy black spiders.

This will not be the end of my Bowie tribute though. I am also going to make a Goblin King doll for a friend, but I will talk more about this one later!

Long live Ziggy!

Ziggy played guitar – Part II
Ziggy played guitar – Part III (Mick rock version)

PS: I am getting a lot of emails to make this doll, and even though I am very flattered that it is getting so popular, I cannot take commissions. Ziggy Stardust is copyrighted, and belongs to the artist that created the character. I am truly sorry for turning down all of the requests, but I don’t have a choice!

28 Responses to "Ziggy played guitar – Part I"

OK, This is the coolest thing ive seen in a looooong time:) xoxo

Id love to know how you did this!

are you making these to sell, cuz I would really love to have one!

It would have been a pleasure to make you one, but I cannot sell anything that is copyrighted. I would need an authorization and that’s like asking for the moon lol.

My sister is absolutely IN LOVE with this Ziggy! Any way i could make her christmas wish come true? It’s gorgeous!!

Hi. I randomly found your blog and I am absolutely in love with these dolls. My wife and I are having our first child in January and we are naming him Bowie. I would really really love to be able to give him one of your Ziggy dolls. I know you said they are copyrighted but perhaps we could talk. Can I email you? Please! Thank you. Hal

Such a shame you can’t sell them! I would buy one in a heartbeat!

[…] Miss Dolkapots’ Ziggy Stardust […]

Awwww, would you consider releasing the pattern? If you didbt charge for it there’d be no copyright infringement:)

Would you consider posting the pattern? If you gave it away, you would infringe copyright:)

I am getting a lot of requests for the pattern today, but I only took notes when I made this doll. I could publish a pattern from it, but there might be trademark issues, and I am worried that some people would start selling dolls based on my pattern. I will try to find out if there are any ways I can publish a pattern without stepping on anybody’s toes.

Even if you were to post the pattern for the naked doll and let people figure out the rest themselves maybe? Not that I am any good at non-pattern stuff but it might be a step in the right direction?

I’d be interested in the pattern too, if you are able to get the go ahead. If you made it a tutorial for a ziggy ‘inspired’ doll, with a disclaimer that the and dolls made are for personal use only, and should not be sold on etc etc, you should keep yourself covered.

Hi there. I’m not asking for a pattern, but just a couple of tips on how to create hair like that? It’s so thick and realistic and hair I make just never quite looks like that. Any tips?

Gorgeous work by the way…:)

Hi Kylie! I have a tutorial on my blog untitled “Four Ways to Make Hair: https://missdolkapots.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/4-ways-to-make-doll-hair/ The one I used for the Bowie doll is the 2nd one “strand of hairs” (I used 12 pieces of yarn for one strand in this case). Once I did the hair that way, I cut them to the length I wanted and used hair spray to make them stick up. I hope it helps, let me know if you have any questions.

Hi I know you have so many people bothering you for you to sell it, but is there any way you could post the pattern? I know you took notes and said you could probably put a pattern together for that, so could you pretty please? My grandmother flew in from Greece and will only be here for two months and I saw this picture on google. She is best at crocheting I know, but can’t work well without a pattern. Could you please at least post the pattern for the doll? Or consider emailing me that pattern? There is zero way you could get in trouble for that. Pretty pretty please?

I am going to post a pattern next week to make a generic crochet doll that people will be able to customize the way they want. I also have tutorials on my blog on how to do hair, and sew parts together that will also be useful. Stay tune!:)

This makes me SO happy! I just started learning to crochet and I kid you not, the main reason was to try and make a Bowie doll for my best friend but I can’t find any patterns! Thank you!

Have you created your Goblin King and could you post a pattern for that??

Yes I did created it, but I do not have a pattern to post because I do not want to post anything that might be copyrighted or have a trademark. However I can post a pattern for a generic doll, I am going to work on that next week.

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