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Ziggy played guitar – Part I

Posted on: July 9, 2013

I have been a big fan of David Bowie since I can remember. It was my introduction to rock, and my farewell to children songs. I grew up listening to Space Oddity, Rebel Rebel, Diamond Dogs etc… I love music as much as I love craft, so of course I had to make a doll of my hero, Ziggy Stardust! This is probably my favorite project, I had a lot of fun with it!

Ziggy Stardust

First I had to figure out what costume I was going to make, Ziggy had a lot of them. I mixed and matched different styles of outfits he used on stage, his famous red platform boots, and the Aladdin Sane trademark that marked the end of the Ziggy Stardust era. I used felt for the lightning bolt, and a little blush for the cheeks. The hardest part was the hair, because I am not a hairstylist. I cut away hoping it would turn out alright.. snip! snip! I think I am ready to open a Hair salon for rock stars.

I called this Part I, because I am currently working on another Ziggy doll, but with a different makeup (this stage look),  and outfit (this sparkly costume), jewelry included. I am keeping the red boots, because I love them so much! Oh, and spiders! Yes, itsy bitsy black spiders.

This will not be the end of my Bowie tribute though. I am also going to make a Goblin King doll for a friend, but I will talk more about this one later!

Long live Ziggy!

PS: I am getting a lot of emails to make this doll, and even though I am very flattered that it is getting so popular, I cannot take commissions. Ziggy Stardust is copyrighted, and belongs to the artist that created the character. I am truly sorry for turning down all of the requests, but I don’t have a choice!

12 Responses to "Ziggy played guitar – Part I"

OK, This is the coolest thing ive seen in a looooong time :) xoxo

Id love to know how you did this!

are you making these to sell, cuz I would really love to have one!

It would have been a pleasure to make you one, but I cannot sell anything that is copyrighted. I would need an authorization and that’s like asking for the moon lol.

My sister is absolutely IN LOVE with this Ziggy! Any way i could make her christmas wish come true? It’s gorgeous!!

Hi. I randomly found your blog and I am absolutely in love with these dolls. My wife and I are having our first child in January and we are naming him Bowie. I would really really love to be able to give him one of your Ziggy dolls. I know you said they are copyrighted but perhaps we could talk. Can I email you? Please! Thank you. Hal

Such a shame you can’t sell them! I would buy one in a heartbeat!

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