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Hope, the rescued dog – a crochet pattern for a good cause

Posted on: July 1, 2013

Here is the little story of Hope, the little dog crochet pattern I designed this week, and just finished.


Few weeks ago I saw a video from a dog rescue organization, called Hope For Paws that touched me a lot. The video was about the rescue of a sick and abandoned named Bethany. With the joined effort of Bill Foundation, they took care of all her needs, and gave Bethany her health back, a temporary home, and happiness : Bethany’s video.

It was so heartbreaking, but I kept on watching all of their rescue videos. Fiona, the blind dog, who was found in a trash heap. Watson, the dog with the missing leg. Troy, Sky and Apollo etc… I couldn’t stop thinking about all these dogs afterward, and the dedication these people put into saving them.

It inspired me to make this little dog that I named Hope, a little rescued dog with booboos on her legs, but a happy pet because she was saved and cared for. I sent the doggy to the organization, it’s sitting on their desk now.

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